Breaking: Antonio Margarito Denied a California Boxing License

Today, Antonio Margarito was denied a California boxing license by a 5-1 vote by the California State Athletic Commission.

Antonio Margarito

Antonio Margarito

The hearing was long, approximately 5 hours with several breaks. The CSAC attorney, Karen Chappelle acted as the commish prosecutor, hammering Margarito and his new trainer, Roberto Garcia,  repeatedly questioning their honesty, integrity, and knowledge of the CSAC regulations. She accused both of breaking California’s rule requiring sparring permits that at least one commish member admitted he was unfamiliar with.

Daniel Petrocelli, Margarito’s attorney, did an admirable of job of countering every character assassination to no avail in the end. Everyone was caught off guard by the sudden revelation of the sparring permit rule which apparently has never been enforced. Margarito was very publically promoted in full transparency at some of these sparring sessions.

Every fighter who sparred with him and every trainer who allowed his fighter to spar with Margarito was in violation of California rules as well as 99% of the fighters sparring without a permit in California.

Perhaps everyone on those fighters’  teams including the manager, health care specialists, promoters, hair dresser, you name it and they might be held in violation of the sparring permit rule.

Readers know I previously wrote an open letter to boxing’s ruling bodies questioning the overriding call to block Margarito from obtaining his boxing license after complying with his one year suspension.

It was easy to see how the vote was going to go during the last break with commish members joking and cutting up with each other. Margarito never had a chance on the cards with this set of judges, losing a wide unananimous decision.

Honoring his one year suspension, turning down offers to fight in Mexico and living without means to earn his living turned out to be all for naught.

Apparently, Margarito had best get used to being bounced off the various commission canvases as they knock him about from one jurisdiction to another. His currently scheduled fight with Manny Pacquiao is likely to be fought in Las Vegas or Dallas, so it looks like it’s back to the Nevada State Athletic Commission or the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation  Combative Sports Program run by Dick Cole.

Or Bob Arum can chuck the USA whole thing and have the fight in a Mexico City bullring and set the gate record, but I defer to the actual complexities currently being negotiated rivaling the Cold War Detente to make this fight happen.

Manny Pacquiao has already had Floyd Mayweather pull out of 2 mega fights and may be on his last fight, so he can ill afford his replacement fights having problems now.

Or Pacquiao can chuck the whole fight business since he really has no business fighting now that he’s a newly elected congressman in the Philippines. However, money shouts equally loud in boxing and politics though, so Manny doubtless will find someone eager at a crack for a career payday.

In the meantime, Antonio Margarito will have to find solace in having his day in open court and getting the sole commissioner with boxing experience to vote for his license. The other commission members were as hostile as the “prosecuting attorney” Karen Chappelle was with their questioning.

One commish member bragged about being an “ethics” trainer for CEOs and lauded the integrity of the recently disgraced British Petroleum’s CEO, Tony Hayward, who resigned after a legacy of BP regulatory transgressions, finally concluding with the largest oil spill in world history which has collapsed the storied Gulf Coast fishing and tourist industries for 4 months now, perhaps for a lifetime.


I don’t make this stuff up folks. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Apparently they want Margarito to do the Tony honour thingy and resign his boxing career, bailing out of all of his problems in a corporate golden parachute, never to surface again, living the life of a gentleman miscreant in Tijuana.

Unbelievable, but sadly too, TOO, all too true.

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