Floyd Mayweather Jr, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Boxing as a mug's game

Boxing as a mug’s game

Just looking at the  mug shot taken this week from the Clark County Detention CenterFloyd appears quite happy and pleased with himself, reminding me of ye olde children’s nursery rhyme about little Jack Horner sitting in his corner eating his Christmas pie. He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum.

And said, “What a good boy am I!”

Still fresh off his signature victory in May over Shane Mosley where it’s estimated he earned some 15-20 million dollars, every day is Christmas in Floyd World, and what could be better than having your mug shot plastered across the world’s media for free publicity?

It’s a thug’s world in the new world order after all, so Floyd Jr or his uncle Roger being arrested for battering women is scarcely news anymore. More like a tool that gives them the street cred they need to maintain the veneer of their manhood while they sit on his perfect 41-0 record hoping to hatch another batch of golden eggs in yet another comeback fight next year against another poor fighter desperate to give away some 80% of the purse just to earn a couple of million as Juan Manuel Marquez did.

Nothing wrong with a fighter leveraging his position to secure the most lucrative purses, that’s the history of boxing, indeed, the history of economics. Curiously though, Mayweather has a history of turning down career high purses to wait out for lower risk fights not to mention his retirements in advance of the most lucrative purses at the point in time when he was at his earnings apex.

Regardless, his critics aren’t charged with having to live his own life, so he’s entitled to live his life as he sees fit with as many retirements, comebacks, arrests, and profane videos produced as he sees fit. He has been at boxing since he was a little tyke, worked hard, and as of the finish of the Marquez fight last September, presumably caught up on his taxes after Uncle Sam seized his purse for that fight to clear out his taxes in arrears.

And if it doesn’t bother Floyd that his actions have cost him lucrative endorsement deals as sponsors drop him like a red hot rock, why should it bother his critics?

And if it doesn’t bother him to have his children witness the assault on their mother as has been reported, well, as previously mentioned, that buys him more of street cred in the thug’s world he enjoys running in, so look at the mug shot, he’s pleased as punch to add on to his long rap sheet.

Philthy Rich
Philthy Rich

If he’s willing to pay the price for crossing the line by pitting himself against the greater public interest that comes into play anytime the welfare of children is threatened or anytime law enforcement has to put themselves at risk to answer the nightmare of police everywhere, the dreaded domestic dispute call, well again, these are Floyd’s calls whether his critics like it or not.

For the Mayweather family, Floyd Mayweather has been The Rock that has lifted the family boat.

He supports his mother and even his father now that previous disputes with Floyd Sr have been smoothed over. His children have had access to the best of whatever Floyd wants to provide towards their development, becoming a privileged class that few children in the world have ever experienced. Uncle Roger in the role of his longtime trainer has also piggybacked on Floyd’s fame and accomplishments.

Why Floyd has even been quite generous with God, thanking Him profusely after his victories, so who says there’s anything wrong with this picture?

Of course, with critics being a dime a dozen or so by many millions, there is still no shortage of Manny Pacquiao fans frothing in fury over his refusal to fight Manny in one of the biggest fights in history. Instead, Mayweather accused Manny of using drugs to enhance his performances and taped a video to easily defeat Manny outside the ring within the self contained confines of Floyd’s shiny noggin.

If Floyd doesn’t mind insulting that vast part of the boxing world that has made Manny the consensus fighter of the decade which also makes him the best fighter at the start of the 3rd millennium, an accolade that will only grow in importance as Manny has also become the first active boxer to be elected to his country’s highest legislative body, the first to win a world title in 7 divisions and going for his 8th divisional world title this coming November 13th, well, that too is Floyd’s call. 

No sir, if Floyd can endure the accumulating irony of turning down yet another date against Manny, and doesn’t mind if Manny picks up Floyd’s old WBC junior middleweight belt he won in a split decision against Oscar de la Hoya, his critics can never make Floyd do something he obviously doesn’t want to do, so they should just sit back and enjoy the Manny express while they have him and let sleeping dogs lay where they may.

Manny is nearing the end of a master plan of fights and retirement that he and his promoter, Bob Arum have laid out. This was projected to be his last year.

Floyd will be 34 yrs old early next year, and after near 30 yrs of boxing, 299 professional rounds completed, near 100 amateur fights, thousands of sparring rounds, and a lifetime of training, this looks to be his way of slowly backing out of boxing in spurts and jerks while maintaining his all important street cred.

Senator Manny

Senator Manny

Few understand that it is impossible for Manny to be at his physical peak as a newly elected congressman. His impoverished Pilipino constituents are looking to him to improve their access to education, healthcare, and opportunities in life, things much larger in scope than being the best fighter of the new millennium. And then there is the always present danger of political assassination and his family to worry about, keeping them safe.

But, what of Floyd’s family? What becomes of them if Floyd is convicted and sentenced to an extended prison sentence?

His long time lawyer, Richard Wright, claims he did no wrong and has managed to keep Floyd out of the Big House in his previous scrapes with the law, so we shall see where it all shakes out.

A Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight would no longer be the two at their best when it mattered the most to boxing, and more importantly, when it really mattered to the general public who only tune in to watch fights that command public interest. Let’s face cold facts here, the drug accusations, myriad negotiations going nowhere, and Floyd’s latest entanglement with the law, the public at large doesn’t understand it so has tuned out.

No doubt the fight would still make great money, might still be a spectacle, and might even set the earnings record. It would also smack of Sugar RayLeonard’s comeback fights against Roberto Duran and Thomas Hearns when everybody was well past their best form, great money, but not the classic fight for the boxing purists nor much of a spectacle as it turned out.

The Big One That Got Away

The Big One That Got Away

It’s not the all time classic it could’ve been. The tides of time wait on no man, an immutable physical law of the universe. 

…………..The Big One that got away…………. 

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