Showtime Banty Tourney—Darchinyan, Mares, Perez, Agbeko

Showtime revised the successes and failures of their much acclaimed Super Six Supermiddleweight tourney and put together a tight little Banty Tourney featuring tough guy Vic Darchinyan, 35-2-1, 27 KO going against young gun Abner Mares, 20-0-1, 13 KO, and IBF champ, Yonnhy Perez, 20-0-1, 14 KO squaring of against rough former champ, Joseph Agbeko, 27-2, 22 KO.

Super Banties

Super Banties

The grizzled 34 yr old south paw Darchinyan is the star of the bunch, always good for some great funny or intimidating prefight quotes, but he’s also the oldest going up against the youngest with the 26 yr old Mares perhaps being the future of the division.

Mares is coming off a toe to toe war against Yonnhy Perez that was part science, part slugfest and a majority draw as it turned. He may be the youngest, but he also looks to be the smallest, and Raging Bull Darchinyan hates taking prisoners, so this fight has classic written all over it. The vacant IBO title goes to the winner who goes straight to the finals to challenge the IBF champ.

The Perez/Agbeko IBF title rematch reprises their first classic where Perez showed how ring craft can overcome am awkward, butting, brawling type of fighter that Agbeko is. They are more evenly matched in ages, Perez being 31 and Agbeko 27, but El Columbiano Perez is clearly the biggest, rangiest fighter in the grouping, assets he uses well at distance, but his main strengths are adaptable skills for every occasion and durability. King Kong Agbeko worryingly hasn’t fought in over a year which may compromise his main assets of youthful strength and durability when he has to make the 118 lb limit.

I have to think Darchinyan and Perez will be the favorites, but it’s the fans who are guaranteed winners with the bunches of punches thrown from every conceivable angle in this tourney, a great mix of styles and attributes.

Congratulations Gentlemen, well done.

This Saturday, December 11, you’ve been forewarned.

Little Big Man War 1

Little Big Man War 1

Little Big Man War 2

Little Big Man War 2



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