Wlad Klitschko vs Derek Chisora, Robbing the Cradle?


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Wlad is rightfully staying as busy as he can like his brother, Vitali, lining up as many challengers as their schedules will reasonably allow. So, for Wlad’s latest defense, he’s lined up Derek Del Boy Chisora for a December 11th defense at SAP-Arena, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 


Practicing Pirouettes

Practicing Pirouettes


Joe Louis famously took the busy route as he put up his heavyweight crown against a record number of contenders to let the people see the full measure of a great, undisputed heavyweight reign. The boxing writers of the day referred to this phase as his Bum of the Month Club, but looking back on that era, most were Ring ranked fighters at the time that he fought them.

It’s just that Louis knocked them out in such rapid succession, it followed that new names had to be dredged up to replace the knocked out old names, which made the new contenders seem less than they were to the boxing press.

Fast forward 70 yrs later and we have the great grandsons stocking this era’s boxing press whining about the poor state of the heavyweight division, an academic case in point refuting the theory of the advancement of evolution.

Nothing has changed!

This being the uber-modern 3rd millennium era where the various champions are often challenged to fight even twice a year, generally the fans appreciate when an active champion comes along. What has happened with the brothers is that Wlad and Vitali have by necessity split up Louis’ duties, dividing the belts and the fighters according to need. They will have fought 11x in the two year period since Vitali made his return to the ring before year’s end.

Like Louis, they have quickly exhausted the supply of ranked name fighters, so now it’s Wlad’s turn to select a heavyweight challenger that some claim is unqualified, Derek Chisora, 14-0, 10 KO. Chisora steadily crept up to a # 12 boxrec ranking and 10th by the WBO, so he certainly does hold some qualifications and also titles, the British and Commonwealth, even if he is unable to pass the sniff test of the usual long nosed suspects still shameless enough to pass themselves off as critics these days.

The BBC even went so far as to pen a piece proclaiming “Brave Chisora in too deep.

”Oh dear.

Yet nary a whimper when  game local domestic Rendall Munroe flew all the way over to Tokyo to take on a dominant Japanese champion with one punch knockout power. Must be OK when a happy little hard working binman takes a beating in beeb world one supposes, but let’s be worried about big, strong, unruly probationers now, eh?

Well, such are the misguided sensibilities of many in the newest blinkered era, and since it has been previously proven that boxing writers don’t evolve, but only breed successors, what’s say we skip past all the nonsense and break down the fight and the fighters?

You can check out the current consensus top 25 heavy contenders in a previous article addressing the “Klitschko dilemma” here. Not much has changed:



Using historical context from the much acclaimed “Golden Era” of boxing as a base level of comparison, Muhammad Ali defended against Sir Henry Cooper who was the British, Commonwealth, and EBU heavyweight champion, the first two titles of which Chisora already holds. Cooper only sported a 33-11-1 record, hardly the kind of superior record modern boxing fans demand in fighters these days.

Ali followed that by defending against Brian London, 35-13, who had been beaten twice by Cooper for those titles. In his 2nd reign as heavyweight champ, Ali defended against Richard Dunn, 33-9, who also held a couple of those titles. Cooper and London were 32 yrs of age for those bouts, Dunn was 31 for his.

Derek Del Boy Chisora is undefeated and only a couple of weeks from turning 27 by fight night, the start of traditional peak years for athletes. Whatever ring experience he may lack, he’s certainly more qualified than a Pete Radamacher, he of the zer0 wins-zer0 losses-zer0 ties record, and Leon Spinks, 7-0-1 when they challenged Floyd Patterson and Ali for their undisputed titles as two more examples of heavyweight title history.

At a blocky 240 lbs, Chisora is 40 to 60 lbs stronger than any of the above mentioned Ali challengers were, which is exactly what is needed in modern 12 rd fights against supersized champions where knockdowns are scored and fights are often stopped quicker than in the past.

Speaking of stoppages: Unlike the 8 stoppages(Dunn), 5(London), and 5(Cooper) sported going into their Ali title challenges, Chisora has never been stopped as another point of comparison. This also happens to be Wlad’s 11th straight title match since 2006, so it becomes impossible to keep unplucked top ranked fighters propped in place at that pace of activity with his brother also picking from the rankings tree.

It may be heresy to suggest the obvious, but I’d reckon Chisora to knock out the above mentioned three brave British contenders at the point of their Ali title challenges, even if all were scheduled on the same night if he shows up as ready and fit as he was for the Sexton rematch if I fancied playing the silly card.

The good spin: Chisora’s promoter is the highly experienced Frank Warren who will make sure Chisora is properly prepared. All of Wlad’s belts would be a huge prize to take back to the Warren stable. Chisora is coming off a short but competitive fight in September, so he’s had plenty of time to recover and plenty of time for training that should see him in the condition of his prime life.

The bad spin: Wlad is coming off a dominant beating and knockout of Sam Peter, a championship fighter in the same size, shape, and approximate style of Chisora.

Chisora has something of a punch though, so if he can keep himself in the bout long enough to land it, he will have more of a puncher’s chance in this fight than many in the division would. Nobody has ever successfully outboxed Wlad, so power and stamina has proven to be the key to the few wins over him, that and the durability to soak up one of the most damaging offensive arsenals in history, certainly not a task for everyone.

Thing is, does Del Boy have the proper motivation?

He only turned to boxing as part to please a probation officer after a life of petty crime. After he gutted out the early stinging pain of the ring and started to rise through the ranks, he has scarcely availed himself of the sizable opportunities that come with being an acclaimed British heavyweight, preferring to land on the wrong side of the law and the British Board of Boxing Control, so it’s possible that he may lose the prize plum that fell into his lap, a challenge to the most heralded heavyweight champ of this era.

Hundreds of strong, talented heavyweight contenders through the eras have fought their guts out in the ring, yet never were granted such a stellar opportunity.

Chisora’s latest crime of tossing his “girlfriend” on the bed for a spanking would be good for some laughs with the bad lads he hangs out with but for the string of previous assaults on his record. The visage of a hulking professional boxer slapping down a petite lass at either end with his prize knock out mitts is not something the authorities can just blindly ignore in the face of such a long rap sheet.

Perhaps Chisora should look carefully at his own words in a recent interview:

“Let’s not kid each other. David doesn’t want to fight the Klitschkos. He hasn’t got a chance against them and he knows that. Haye is a good guy but he’s in the wrong sport. Let me fight Wladimir or Vitali. I ain’t scared.”

Can his promoters keep the young miscreant on a leash to keep him out of jail long enough to make it to the scratch line come fight night?

That’s how Mike Tyson finally came to be handled during his comeback from prison. He was given a minder who kept up with his every move, alerting the team when he was trying to scale the fences so he could be contained from yet another public assault charge until the fight could be completed and everyone got paid.

Wlad has gotten to be an old pro at finding emergency replacements after so many challengers have fallen out before the first bell sounded for various reasons, so he has a few names in training with contract terms agreed upon at this very moment hoping to hear the call for an opportunity of a life time if or when Chisora falls out.

The Consummate Pro @Training
The Consummate Pro @Training

Del Boy locked and loaded in the Klitschko breech. Time to Rumble pending countdown of the endless legal woes and suspensions of Chisora.

A dud or a live round?

Stay tuned on December 11th and all to be answered.

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