The Double Aughts—Devon Alexander vs Tim Bradley

Was gonna title this the Never Been Beatens when Devon Alexander, 21-0, 13 KO tangles with Tim Bradley, 27-0, 11 KO in a maybe/sorta unification bout.

Thing is, Alexander’s perfect record has been fudged some, and if Bradley wins, he wins Alexander’s WBC belt, but may lose his own WBO belt.

Or wait! Bradley is still miffed over the WBC stripping him a few years back, so claims he will refuse the belt, which probably means he didn’t pay the sanctioning fee, and why should he if they are just gonna strip him again? Who knows what belts he might end up with?

Go figure boxing shooting itself in the foot again since nobody else can.

Tim Bradley has been tearing up his division since 2007 when he defended youth title against the current IBF lightweight champ, Miguel Vasquez. The list of his scalps is impressive, including nicking two unbeatens in slick boxing Lamont Peterson and big slugger, Luis Abregu in his last two fights.

Desert Storm

Desert Storm


Of course, like any fighter within two divisions of Manny Pacquiao, that would be Bradley’s dream fight, but he’s not quite there as a big name yet in spite of an improving all action style that earned him consensus p4p status and #1 Ring ranking. The lack of acclaim with the broader public probably has more to do with a decline in boxing interest and lack of a promotional push since he has a very interesting style.

Devon Alexander has recently stepped up his competition in his last three bouts and he can also be a very exciting fighter with more power than Bradley. Not sure what his future plans are, but his promoter Don King probably schemes every day trying to line up bigger fighters for the star of his stable.

Thing is, the fight takes place in Pontiac, Michigan, Detroit territory, and not many fight fans left in the Detroit are up for fights of this caliber. The last fight out of Detroit I saw was a travesty of officiating, the Super Six Dirrell/Abraham bout, ruining what had been a great fight coming to a dramatic finish and endangering the health of Dirrell.

Don King is one of the promoters of this coming dustup and controversial fights with poor officiating are his long time stock in trade, so we shall see.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Devon Alexander had been looking like boxing’s future star in the making, but clever light hitting Andriy Kotelnik took him to school in his last fight with textbook precision boxing and didn’t allow him to pass, a real stain on officiating that Kotelnik fought near the perfect fight yet came up way short on the cards.

Well, one bad fight doesn’t make a fighter except that Bradley is on a big roll of momentous performances and has his goal in his sights, so it seems like Alexander could potentially be badly outclassed.

Bradley seems to be improving his boxing style in leaps and bounds, perfectly poised in his prime. Alexander is the puncher, so that’s where his practical hope is, because, being the young pup, age 23, he cannot match the longer run of excellence Bradley has been on.

Make no mistake, Alexander is a solid fighter, but Bradley is an acrobatic energizer bunny, all over here and there with lighting combos, very awkward to catch up to and defend against. Sometimes Bradley does get caught off balance in his physical transitions and can be floored, which may be enough to keep Alexander bolstered with extra points and light a fire under him and the spectators.

Additionally, the Alexander team must be surely bolstered by knowing that this is Bradley’s first significant bout against a lefty, a traditional problem for orthodox fighters in making ring adjustment after long ingrained reflexive habits against conventional right handed orthodox fighters.

Just hope the officiating is on par with the class of the fighters as both deserve better. They are putting their highly valued zeros on the line along with their belts, so it’d sure be nice if boxing and Detroit could provide a competently run, fair contest since the loser usually takes a big paycut in his next few fights.

Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley should be the favorite against live underdog “Alexander the Great,” but can the fight match the legendary war monikers of these fighters?

It’s a long cold wait until this, the first significant noncancelled bout of the New Year, January, 29th, hopefully a barnburner to warm up frozen Detroit if snow pack doesn’t collapse the Silverdome roof first.

Fingers crossed X X


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