Canelo & The Killer Collide–Saul Alvarez vs Kermit Cintron

Mexican phenom Saul Canelo Alvarez makes his most dangerous fight yet, defending his WBC lightmiddleweight belt against former titlest Kermit The Killer Cintron November 26 in Mexico.

Killer Kermit Cintron used to be the young phenom, a KO artist coming up, but once in the mix against a better class of fighter, his knockout has almost disappeared, only a single KO over the past 4 yrs.

In a twist of boxing fates, Cintron won the WBC eliminator in 2009 against an ailing Alfredo Angulo before literally taking a dive off the deep end onto the ring floor against Paul Williams and then dropping a noneffort against Carlos Molina. Angulo has won some big bouts since and is currently WBC #1 while Cintron has slumped to 14th and has never fought for the WBC junior middleweight title until now.  

There have been questions about his heart and dedication to boxing, but here he is in arguably his biggest fight ever, a Puerto Rican taking on the undefeated Mexican legend in the making. We should all be so lucky as to have such a grand opportunity fall into our laps

The Canelo Crunch
The Canelo Crunch

Meanwhile, young Saul Alvarez may have his own demons to conquer as Mexico’s latest undefeated darling. He is only 21 yrs old, but he owns the WBC title, a 200 MPH Maserati and seemingly has his pick of the bevy of beauteous Mexican senoritas flocking to see him.

Femme fatales have been the bane and downfall of many great historical figures through the ages, and someone who cares about his future should show him the  death scene of the great Mexican legend, Salvador Sanchez , who crashed of his mere 130 MPH Porsche on the way home early one morning after a late night tryst.

vs Archie Solis

vs Archie Solis

Now Canelo is being accused of beating up former light flyweight champ Archie Solis for making time with his girlfriend, a charge he denies although it seems at very least his “camp” was involved.

Where will it all end with the young phenom?

Cintron's Big Right Hand

Cintron's Big Right Hand

Cintron would like it to end with his big right hand crashing over the defense of Alvarez.

Young cocky boxing phenoms are the historical mothers milk of boxing, making for some all time great fights with plenty of spectacular crashes. Alvarez thusly to be quite confident going into this bout as will the oddsmakers in his favor. A Cintron upset wipes out many of his previous boxing sins and make him a major player again. It wasn’t that long ago that Cintron was being talked about as the opponent for Floyd Mayweather Jr, so how much more motivation does a fighter need?

If Cintron manages to stink out the place as he did against Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez, this would be the third recent Golden Boy promoted fight featuring their biggest stars tainted by what could best be described as incompetant travesties or worse.

Such are the precarious road hazards in the fast lane of a young Mexican boxing star.

Undefeated Mexican Standoff
Undefeated Mexican Standoff

The ever clamoring critics want Alvarez to fight whomever their favorite fighter is as boxing holds it’s breath with fingers crossed until the big superfight can be made with the Juniors,  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We may call it boxing, but the historical roots are prize fighting, so in the scramble for the big money fights, look for Saul Alvarez to make his mark at the Monumental Plaza de Toros, Mexico City so he can mint his fortune at a future date, TBA.

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