Mexico vs Ireland vs El Paso–Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Andy Lee

Saturday, June 16th at the University of Texas at El Paso Sunbowl, the WBC middleweight title held by Julio Cesar Chavez is supposed to be defended against Ireland’s longtime challenger, Andy Lee.

Amazingly the fight was almost cancelled and then relocated because of ongoing turf wars between Juarez drug cartels over routes into El Paso. Reports are that Chavez Jr is also dating a widow of one of the slain cartel members.

The University of Texas chancellor had previously cancelled the fight because of the above problems, but then Texas and El Paso politicians and Bob Arum raised a ruckus big enough to get the fight rescheduled, but without the usual fan fare of beer concessions. I see an old school return to small hip flasks of liquor by thirsty boxing fans. 

The good news is that in theory, local, state, and federal law enforcement will be coordinated in a big show of force to discourage any ill intent by drug cartels.

Still waiting for news of the other shoe dropping in regards to how many boxing fans will brave a blizzard of unfired bullets chambered in a gauntlet of holstered guns to see the popular Chavez Jr fight in person.

Chavez Jr % Andy Lee

Chavez Jr % Andy Lee

One way or another, looks like a fight will be breaking out, so let’s hope it’s the boxers who are both game action oriented fighters. Lee is tall and rangy with good footwork and skills. His power is modest however, as is Chavez Jr who is likely to be the larger, stronger, busier pressing fighter. Lee will be the matador with footwork against the bruising baby bull, but Chavez likes a good fight and punches in bunches whenever he can, so it’s hard to see how Lee can outwork the kid. Lee needs sharp eye catching shots every round to stay in the scoring.

Also notable will be the strategic matchup between HOF trainers Freddie Roach and Manny Steward.

I’m looking for a decision in that regard what with the modest power outputs and solid chins of the fighters, hopefully better than the recent regretable decision rendered in Las Vegas last week when Timothy Bradley upset Manny Pacquiao that has everyone in boxing calling for reform.


We can only pray for the best and hunker down for the worst come what may and El Paso is where the action will be this Saturday, so there it is.

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