Tomasz Adamek vs Vyacheslav Glazkov

Saturday,  November 16 at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, heavyweight contenders Tomasz Adamek and Vyacheslav Glazkov fight for future title challenges to the Klitschko brothers. The NBC “regular” network is the broadcaster, a big boost for any American fight fans even if both are Eastern Europeans. They fight in America or wherever they can make a good fight and this promises to see plenty of action with both being offensive minded boxer types.

*** This fight has just been officially canceled. Garrett Wilson substitutes for a flu ridden Adamek. Details here:

Young Lion vs Old Lion

Young Lion vs Old Lion

The soon to be 37 years old Adamek at 49-2, 29 KOs, would love to round off that figure at 50-2, 30 KO with a big knockout of the 29 year old Glazkov at 16-0, 11 KO, easier said than done since the young lion usually wins these types of age matchups. 

Adamek is still has most of his powers even with the long mileage. His problem is staying motivated as he stays busy waiting for his chance at title redemption. Glazkov has his hands full with the cagey experience Adamek brings, a huge step up, but the kid is game and the time is now for all concerned. A 12 rounder on NBC, easy to catch most anywhere.

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