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Money Mayweather Picks Wings Off Amir Khan~Fights Marcos Maidana

The official Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Rene Maidana fight takes place Saturday, May 3rd at the MGM Grand. The irony of Mayweather previously retiring to avoid competitive rematches against Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton  at the MGM Grand only to return there again and again these past 7 years to fight Golden Boy promoted fighters is lost on the average fan, yet many gleefully set their watches to his once a year Mexican Holiday bouts, perhaps twice this year, a rare Mexican Holiday hallelujah moment for his fans.

Team Mayweather to wit: “… it’s a great feeling for Floyd to be able to get up, get out of his 20,000 square feet mansion, and drive a couple of miles down the road and to just come and pick up $30 or $40 million…”

The convoluted history of this bout was set up on Mayweather’s “official” twitter account where he ran a poll asking fans to vote between Marco Maidana and Amir Khan for his next fight promoted as “Who’s Got Next?”  Maidana quickly rang up an insurmountable lead that also included kopykat polls at ESPN, Fightnews, ect, but then the international Khan nation took to voting enmasse on the official Mayweather twitter poll and Maidana was “knocked out” by Khan who had already agreed to terms at the beginning of the year with a signed the contract. Meanwhile back at Haymon/Golden Boy headquarters, “Boxing Experts” at Ring also picked Khan over Maidana by 18-10 result, and my o my, it was like a giggle of brain surgeons picking their favorite porn star whilst operating at the local medical school amphitheatre the dialogue was so choice:




If hay is for horses than Money is for Mayweather as he left not only the fans and aspiring challengers, but the future schedules of the entire combine of Golden Boy Promotions and Al Haymon dangling in the cruel gusts of MayweatherTwitter winds before boredom set in, so “Whats we gots do next?”

Why he and his one ton security squadron and select gofer buddies took an all expenses paid trip to South Africa in the wake of the passing of world legend Nelson Mandela. The top South African Poohbah lauded him as “the rose who grew from concrete” in a celebratory speech before Mayweather was asked what legacy he hoped to leave behind from this trip.

“A lot of fighters are looking at being the best. I’m looking at being the smartest outside the ring.”

Outside The Ring

Outside The Ring

“Everyone is gunning for me, from heavyweight down to 105.”

Of course when contract push came to shove, Mayweather promptly turned his back on the fans he was soliciting to pick Maidana to fight, his signature personal style of going back on his word as many opponents agreeing to his contract demands have discovered. Never mind that Maidana is Argentinian, certainly not the desired Mexican opponent for a Mexican holiday, bottom line is that Maidana comes cheaper than the egocentric, high maintenance British Khan. What Mayweather craves is the extra large percentage of the purse, probably around 95%.

Khan gets the consolation prize of Luis Collazo on the Mayweather/Maidana undercard. The tea leaves are predicting that winner gets Mayweather for his planned  September Mexican holiday, Diaz y Seis at the MGM Grand.

Floyd Mayweather vs Puerto Rican-American Luis Collazo anyone?

History will record whether the 37 year old Mayweather, currently 45-0, 26 KO, is able to shrug off the prime aged 30 year old Maidana to “match” the 46-0, 32 KO record of recently retired Joe Calzaghe. Here are notable undefeated records of other modern fighters for comparison starting with Super Joe:

Samson Dutch Boy Gym of Thailand. 43-0, 36 KO with 36 defenses of World Boxing Federation superflyweight title:

Sven Ottke, he of 36-0, 6 KO and 21 defenses of IBF super middleweight title with an additional 4 defenses of his WBA title added in the mix:

Joe Mesi, 36-0, 29 KO:

Deontay Wilder, 31-0, 31 KO, also of Golden Boy Promotions.

Ali Raymi, pro debut at age 39,  20-0, 20 first round KOs, all against undefeated minimum weight fighters compiled inside the 2013 timeframe. No titles yet, but a boxrec #10 ranking:

As to the fight itself, Mayweather goes in as a huge favorite in his cozy MGM Grand sleep over with the referee and judges working out of his corner. Maidana is used to being handcuffed against touted money fighters, yet he still managed to manhandle  Mayweather protege Adrian Broner who had referee Laurence Cole riding shotgun for him down the stretch in San Antone when they tried to tag team Maidana, tried being the operative failure of their objective. Still, many were surprised he won the decision against Broner who had been clearly outboxed and outworked before, yet always copped the unpopular decision.

Tony Weeks has become one of the regular rotation of 3rd man concierges assigned to make Mayweather feel comfortable during his MGM Grand forays, so what would be his likely style based on previous Golden Boy promoted fights at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?

Hows about we start with the Weeks’ pro style WWE bellyflop on poor old Joel Casamayor who had counterpunched the counterpunching JMMarquez into a draw on the cards before suffering the flash knockdown. That smartly moved JMM along to the big money Pac rematch much like Weeks prematurely stopping Afredo Angulo did for Canelo Alvarez though that could be rationalized as rescuing Angulo from from his one sided beating. Lucas Matthysse had a completely closed eye fight for the last 6 round against Danny Garcia that Weeks allowed to continue to the finish. Compare to Marcos Maidana completely shutting Morales eye into a sickening state early in the first round, yet Weeks allowed the favored past prime money fighter to take Maidana punches as Maidana grew progressively queasy at the damage he was doing to this all time Mexican legend. No merciful early stoppages there, but pitterpatting Mayweather has been making noises about needing knockouts to enhance his self esteem, so if anyone gets the early stoppage, well, Money talks so fine and Maidana will walk the line.

Another interesting by line is that trainer Robert Garcia is actually a contemporary of Mayweather, winning his superfeather title months before Floyd did before fighting undefeated Diego Corrales back when Corrales could still make the weight and Casamayor whom Mayweather never faced. This should be the first time Garcia in any role faces Mayweather, so I’m guessing his losing experiences against Freddie Roach in big Pacquiao fights makes this a more competitive match than the usual opponent training teams. We’ll see if Garcia can stand up to Weeks’ favoritism early in the fight. 

Maidana has been hooked up with Robert Garcia for his last few fights and by results they seem destined to be a perfect match. The newly motivated Maidana is getting the best sparring and ring advice of his career and it shows in improved footwork, punch selection, accuracy, and ringmanship not to mention conditioning. When added to his naturally instinctive awkward slugger style that Garcia looks to retain in him, Maidana spells more hurt, trouble, and menace in the ring than ever before in spite of the long odds against him.

And if those long odds weren’t enough, reports are that his purse may be detained pending settlement of a manager spat dating all the way back to 2004. OUCH, life ain’t never been easy outside boxing for Argentinian bad-asses, but there’s always the solace of the ring.

Well now, if any additional incentive is needed, the WBC is inaugarating it’s first ever vibrinium belt as the prize, whooo-hooo!

Brand Spanking New Vibranium Belt

Brand Spanking New Vibranium Belt

I kid you not:

Ahem, on a more sober note, mo’ mum is still the word from Mayweather and his team concerning noted boxing author Thomas Hauser’s long standing drug testing allegations here:

Then the TMZ story where two contractors hired by Mayweather claimed to have been beaten within an inch of their lives and put into the hospital by Mayweather’s personal security behemoths. The two seemed to have smartly hired lawyers before leaking their story, seemingly to pursue the inevitable private settlements that Mayweather has been paying out of his monumental boxing purses when he’s not losing millions wagering on his favorite college or pro sports team.   The worse the screw turns on Mayweather, the more money he makes much like Mike Tyson was able to do post prison. Americans and perhaps now the world just love to see a good train wreck in breaking slow motion.

To top the outrage, a brand new boxing website, Boxaldia, came out with an article claiming the FBI is investigating Mayweather’s promoter, Golden Boy Promotions for “fight fixing.” Could that be the reasons for GBP honcho Oscar de la Hoya’s repeated celebrity substance abuse rehabilitations? Add on Nevada State Athletic Commission stating they will no longer rubber stamps fights after Mayweather vs Alvarez brought their roofs crashing down over them, and could be we have a perfect storm brewing going into this fight.

Stir in some heat and venom from Top Rank honcho Bob Arum when he slammed MGM as a company struggling in debt while putting up giant Home of the Champion Floyd Mayweather banners for Top Rank’s big Pacquiao/Bradley promotion.  For sure The Fates are stirring up some kind of evil  mumbogumbo in boxing for devious purpose, but for whose purpose?

MGM Promo @ Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

MGM Promo @ Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

Permanent Home of Floyd Mayweather

Permanent Home of Floyd Mayweather


What’s really going on behind the ozzy curtains of Wizard Al Haymon’s stealth management empire that has secured the services of most of the name fighters operating in the US? Does Haymon have the Watson brothers’ feet stuck in the door as he looks to corner the market for on vibranium also? Has Marcos Maidana has arrived at this point in time like so many years ago when Joe Louis took on Max Schmeling and the Hitler global megalomania for the future survival of the free world? Can Maidana save our free world from future Haymon domination?

Stay tuned for the finale…only in Las Vegas…only at the MGM Grand…only on Mexican holidays…only on Showtime…and now only for you, the fans…

…well, maybe not Khan fans…






Alex Leapai Leaps Into Wlad Klitschko Danger Zone

The current Ring heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko defends all his multiple titles against WBO mandatory Alex The Lionheart Leapai next Saturday, April 26th in Oberhausen, Germany.

Ukrainian vs Samoan

Ukrainian vs Samoan

Most boxing fans know little if anything about the Samoan challenger  now living and fighting in Australia, but Leapai is a charismatic all action slugger with a feel good story that can be easily promoted. The popular heavyweight from down under previously endured more than his fair share of personal and ring setbacks typical of young hardscrabble boxers as he fought his way up the food chain, but now he’s in a “the sky is the limit” moment that may see him utilize his full potential.

He did pretty well for himself training part time for his WBO eliminator against long time Ring ranked  Denis Boytsov, knocking him down a couple of times to stay on top by a commanding decision even as Boytsov fought a heroic losing battle in their surprising matchup. With this awe inspiring performance bolstering him,  Leapai will now be able to train full-time against the best sparring partners of his career to whip himself into the proper mental and physical form needed to topple a Klitschko, but only if he can stay away from his bountiful wife who has already blessed him with a half dozen children.  Continue reading

Here We Go Again~Guillermo Jones vs Denis Lebedev II

WOW is about all anyone could sputter after seeing the first war between Guillermo Jones and Denis Lebedev held in Moscow last year, so here we go again in Moscow, April 25th, a Friday, Jones vs Lebedev II for redemption.

Their first fight was a hands down fight of the year save for one niggling detail. The massive 6-4 Jones from Panama who really should be fighting as a 220 lb heavyweight, why he is supposed to have tested positive for diuretics, a variety of common pharmaceutical weight loss substances long used by boxers but banned under modern rules. Their fight hearkened back to ye gory days of yore with massive shots being given and taken back and forth and even a massive Lebedev body slam of Jones.  Lebedev’s right eye progressively became so grotesquely swollen that he could not see to get up after an 11th round knockdown by Jones.

Yes, That Kind of Fight!

Yes, That Kind of Fight!

The amazing 41 year old Jones has been promoted for a long time now by Don King which means he is notoriously inactive for long stretches of years even, yet still holds his emeritus WBA strap in spite of that inactivity and failed drug test. Then there is the matter of infamously long banned Panama Lewis being his trainer, or at very least he used to be. The rematch should do big numbers in Russia and will be picked up by international hardline aficionados who appreciate the strong warlike attributes of Jones and Lebedev inside the squared ring. This is also a good guy/bad guy scenerio being played out where the Russian Lebedev is cast as the Russian good guy against the evil empire of Don King and the “drug cheating” Guillermo Jones.

Perhaps more amazing is Lebedev miraculously acquiring legendary trainer Freddie Roach who has more on his plate than any two trainers could handle. Lebedev is not a big star and could have been easily dismissed by Roach who is old school all the way down to his creaking bones, but he must have liked what he saw in Lebedev, a southpaw like Manny Pacquiao who can be further developed. The challenge of going against such an experienced big, strong guy in Jones who also knows how to fight in spades and is not easily discouraged no doubt also piqued Roach’s interest who is not shy about taking on challenges.

Jones should enter as the favorite, but facts are that Lebedev was outboxing and outworking him the first fight and should be in even better condition this go round. As to Jones? Be nice if he could pass the drug test this time around if he wants any accolades from fans. We already know he can fight.

Sure to be another tough, all action give and take bust’emup to add on to the already great start to the new year, so here, here, may the trend continue.

UPDATE: Fight called off and may 0r may not be rescheduled due to positive Jones drug test for weight loss diuretic Furosemide, a real shame that and yet another kick in the teeth of boxing: