Emperor of Money Wears No Clothes as American Boxing Fears It’s Future

My, my, where to start over the latest Floyd Mayweather Jr travesty in boxing after his limp wristed showing against Argentine slugger Marcos Maidana?

The official results were officially another win for Mayweather, ominously by his 2nd straight Majority decision where yet again one judge “failed” to see his self proclaimed boxing genius. The self emasculated Mayweather Nation seemingly hasn’t the cajones left to protest this slur on their propped up popcorn hero as they did in the Canelo majority decision that ultimately resulted in a shakeup at the top of the Nevada State Athletic Association. In other words, out with the old faces and in with the new faces with the same old gaming agenda, majority draws being good business for bookies servicing the vast network of Mayweather fans who counted on Floyd racking up unanimous decisions as easily as he rolls out of bed.

Or so it used to be.

Instead, “He got old overnight, he’s got no stamina, he’s got no legs left,” and other stock in the trade descriptors flashed across the screen as Mayweather did indeed show a capacity to absorb a considerable pounding by Maidana who never gave Mayweather more than 30 seconds of rest time.

The poor boy slugger from Argentine who could only command a reported $1.5 million of the $35 million purse went after Mayweather like a two fisted pitbull to maul him repeatedly anywhere Mayweather was caught, even bulling him Luis Firpo style through the ropes and almost out of the ring late in the fight. The few moments Mayweather had were while Maidana was pacing himself as he anticipated the opening of another attack and Maidana in those moments looked like something of a defensive genius as he ducked and was otherwise often out of range of Mayweather’s efforts that had a desperate feel to them in the latter stages of the fight.

Mayweather knew he was gittin’ whooped by the 12-1 underdog and had no plan B to fall back on.

Naturally the judges propped up Mayweather yet again to move him along to what appears to be the end goal of “matching” Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record no matter that Mayweather can no longer bruise a grape with his china hands and can’t keep pressing sluggers off him not that he was ever able to keep JLCastillo or Miguel Cotto off of him.

Facts are the end American boxing as we know it today seems near if the recent rumblings of the imminent separation of Golden Boy Promotions big wheels Al Haymon and Richard Schaefer  from the corporate body play out. They seemingly are unofficially operating their own promotional company.

If boxing has a plan B for when Mayweather or Pacquiao are soon to retire their mega-lucrative ring appearances in Las Vegas, nobody can see it. There are zero star fighters left with that kind of drawing power, and as plain talkin’ Bob Arum recently noted, MGM Grand is struggling to make payments on it’s debts much less turn a profit not that the financial woes of Las Vegas are any secret since the $26 trillion dollar financial derivatives real estate fraud gutted the American, indeed the world economy back in 2008.

Might be boxing could take a page out of Top Rank’s book for the slow boat to China as the Chinese develop their boxing history and start to control the belts with their own ratings and hometown decisions of the big events.

Maybe, just maybe there’s a young American kid with discipline, dynamite in his fists, and granite in his jaw in America that could put boxing back on the front page in this country.

Just nobody knows who he is yet or even if he exists though the promoters will be trying to tell us their latest boy-genius is the messiah. Such is the current state of American boxing.

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