The Star Crossed Rematch of Carl Froch vs George Groves

After much ado and hue and cry ’til they blanched blue, Carl Froch and George Groves were brought spitting and sputtering to a press conference by their promoter, Barry Hearn, that officially announced their May 31st rematch at the reknown Wembley Stadium in London . The rival super-middleweights had choice words for one another ahead of the fight that astoundingly sold out the allotted 60,000 tickets within one hour of them going on sale.

Minting Money

Minting Money

To rehash the previous encounter, Groves showed up to fight and surprised Froch with an early knockdown that he quickly recovered from. From then on Froch slowly built up the pressure on Groves before carving him up for the knockout only to have the hapless referee Howard John Foster stop the fight prematurely to a monumental British controversy, a permanent state of being for boxing no matter the geographic location it would appear.

Groves should thank his lucky stars for the controversy that in turn generated what will be the biggest British rematch by the purse and gate numbers in many long moons that has made him front page news. The essence of the first bout still remains a bitter pill for Groves who has accomplished much less in the ring compared to the battle tested Froch. Groves must improve greatly to win, not a given, yet all Froch has to do is be himself again, plenty good enough for their first go round and he might well exceed that performance this time around.

Win, lose, or draw, one thing is certain. Be lots of big money lost on the fighters to be gained by the bookies, and lots of big money won to be paid out by the bookies. Such is the short life span of an all time prize fight, the essence of boxing and the essence of these two bitter rivals in their biggest British moment ever.

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