Miguel Cotto Challenges Sergio Martinez

The physically challenged 39 year old Argentine southpaw Sergio Martinez and the 33 year old well traveled Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto have agreed to a fan favorite fight at a “catchweight” of 159 pounds, Saturday, June 7th. Venue: Madison Square Garden if you had to ask, New York, New York if a reminder is needed for one of the hottest ” You got to be there” boxing events in recent MSG history.

Out of training street weight view

Out of training street weight view

There is no slur intended with the physically challenged descriptor of the very game Martinez, currently sporting a stellar 51-2-2, 28 KO mark. He just so happens to be in a continuous state of recovery after Julio Cesar Chavez Jr tore into him for one of boxing’s great all time 12th round moments that Martinez managed to survive only by his overstretched heart strings. After far too many patches, stitches, staples, and surgeries later, he will shock test himself against Cotto in an irresistible fight that not even virulent modern boxing politics could deny.

Cotto himself has left no stone unturned in his quest to become the first Puerto Rican fighter to win titles in four weight divisions, the highly coveted WBC middleweight belt adorned with the abundant scalp of Martinez being the ultimate prize. As such whether by hook or crook, he managed to secure the services of renown trainer Freddie Roach well in advance for the fine tuning needed to exploit the vulnerabilities of the aging Argentine fighter. Cotto brings his own stellar record against the best in boxing, 38-4, 31 KO, yet brings his own frailties to the fight. He not only gives up height, reach, strength, speed, and mobility, but his face tends to bust up very early in fights and Martinez is just the kind of slashing southpaw sharpshooter keep him leaking red and lumping blue and purple.

I personally don’t see how Cotto can beat a healthy Martinez, but he may well be able to beat the injured Martinez who barely scraped by his last outing against Martin Murray and was lucky beyond belief to survive Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, so there it is with no ifs, ands, and butts come fight night. Something or someone has to give, but what will give first and by whom?


2 responses to “Miguel Cotto Challenges Sergio Martinez

  1. There was nothing I wanted to see more than Cotto overcoming the stylistic and athletic challenges of facing a master technician. Instead, we saw him take on a handicapped heavy bag who could barely move his head. Martinez was expected to have a slight advantage by almost everyone for a reason: he was athletically and technically superior in almost all his fights. Freddie Roach claimed that Martinez couldn’t “pull the trigger anymore,” and that he had bad defense. Lucky for Roach and Martinez, they didn’t have to deal with his “bad” defense, because he didn’t have any. Nor did they have to prove that Martinez could no longer pull the trigger, because his gun was never in the holster. Cotto should absolutely NOT take on Alvarez, Pacquiao or Mayweather, much less some of the larger competent middleweights.


  2. —Martinez has had major health problems from the last round of JCChavez forward, but has been able to use his heart, wiles, and ability to persevere, but not this time.

    Cotto may be past his physical prime, but mentally he’s never been better disciplined, prepared, and physically trained and deserves credit. He’s a prize fighter who fights for the biggest purses he can command and Alvarez, Pac, and May are the big money fights. He will fight at least one, probably Alvarez and preferably all if he had his druthers and then retire.

    We’ll see how it turns out. He was drained from the intense training and took some good shots from Martinez and wants/needs a long rest. I’m thinking early December we’ll see him again in MSG, Vegas, or Macao against TBA.


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