Play It Again Sam~Tyson Fury vs Dereck Chisora II

Big British Heavyweight rivalry goes down Saturday, July 26th as Tyson Fury looks to reprise his first schooling of Dereck Chisora when they glove up for the rematch at the storied M.E.N. Stadium in Manchester. Regrettably the stadium has been renamed in some silly modern flash fad name that will only last as long until the next silly fad name comes along. Both the British Commonwealth and European Union title will be on the line as well as the disreputable reputations of the disputants not to mention competing graphic exchanges between their overly vociferous fans.

The Belts

The Belts

The undefeated man-mountain-child Fury, now 25 years of age, why amazingly he was supposed to have scheduled a private preliminary warmup, a 12-round gym fight in April to knock off the rust and frustration he accumulated while watching his  £5 million purse and Mr. David Haye slowly crumble into pinkie toe twinkie dust before his frustrated eyes. Powerful Cameroon fringe contender Carlos Takam was chosen for this private “fight,” likely to have been quite interesting away from the bright lights of the public ring. Seems a bit dangerous because of the possibility of cuts or other physical injuries before a big fight, but Fury is still in full mode of youth’s invincibility and has an overwhelming need for a “real” fight to settle him down. Can’t say how much the somewhat taciturn Takam cooperated in actually giving him a fight or even if it occurred , yet the Fury style would goad him if nothing else. A very aggressive, bluntforce punching Takam has since notched his biggest win against longtime contender Tony Thompson to jump into the middle of the contender fray, so make of it what you will.

The squattish British bad boy Chisora, 20-4, 13 KO, is no stranger to thuggish, threatening manners, yet seems dwarfed again in his assigned British role of the traditional “brave” British fighter losing all his biggest matches  in spite of his busy run of victories against the usual spate of heavyweight suspects. Now he returns to avenge the injury of his first professional loss against Fury.

The voluble Irish Traveler Fury, 22-0, 16 KO, has proven to be a throwback in both his brutal brawling style and bi-polar personality that alternates between the substantial charms of Irish blarney and volcanic blasts of temperament, all now available via Fury’s well traveled Twitter account. Certainly his fights have a similar cartoonish character to them, his last being against Joey Abell where Abell hit the deck four times as the flouncing Fury flab filling out his gut shot forth in comic  staccato bursts that in turn jarred loose the flapping gums of his critics into a bitter twitter strafing of the Fury boxing attributes.

Since Fury was just a goofy, babyfat kid in the first Chisora go round where he was able to outwork and outpunch the teletubby Chisora, I look for a much stronger Fury to really jump on the now 30 year old Chisora who not only lacks a big punch to get Fury’s respect, but is cursed by a forward plodding, easy to hit style. Fury is also the boxer in this bout whenever he chooses to be, capable of cruising to a wide points decision if he chooses to go that route. Fact is anything could happen in this fight up to and including a double disqualification, now that would be a sight to behold. For certain their fans won’t restrict themselves to the Marquis of Queensberry Rules of etiquette.



Chisora will have to perform well beyond any of his previous fights to win this whereas all Fury has to do is be himself, a much easier and more natural undertaking, yet the odds will likely close fast because of heavy betting by their rabid fans. Their rivalry has become such a big British event that the publicity spillover will grab some of the international market.

Guaranteed a donnybrook anytime Fury and Chisora collide, so keep a wary eye out for flying chairs come crashing through your tele and enjoy.

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