Tyson Fury Makes 7/26 Manchester Card Against Alexander Ustinov

***This fight is CANCELLED when Tyson Fury pulled out after his former trainer and uncle Hugie took seriously ill.

Expect a fusillage of twitter payback after he has spent years savaging various fighters in spewing streams of foulness normally associated with run off from sewage ponds. In the end, all his talk of being from a fighting family of warriors was but the tale of a toothless fairy. Sad to see him turn down a chance to go against The Man, Wlad Klitschko had he prevailed against Alexander Ustinov, but maybe he can go crawl back to the domestic UK scene and rebuild his image into something more than a bag of gas.

Breaking story here:




Two man mountains collide when the 6-9, 250 lb Tyson Fury goes against the 6-8, 300 lb Alexander Ustinov who was last seen in a sparring ring knocking Derek Chisora out of his scheduled sweepstakes fight against Fury.

So Fury remains on the Frank Warren promoted July 26th Manchester card as Derek Chisora is scratched and the K2 promoted Alexander Ustinov his replacement in a typical last minute scramble for the Fury team. His opponents have a history of backing out of scheduled fights not dissimilar to a run of emergency replacement fighters Wladimir Klitschko had a few years back.

No problem, just ever more more hype added to the heavily publicized Fury bandwagon that continues to flatten his critics at every fight. A Fury win opens the door to the Klitschko challenge he’s been banging on about.

These replacement bouts have a storied boxing history as the fighters are suddenly operating more in instinctual free form mode rather than a long planned attack against an opponent they’ve had time to study and think about. The 37 year old Belarusan is considerably more dangerous than the 42 year old Shannon The Cannon Briggs who popped off much ado about nothing, turning down the Fury replacement offer as a fight he could not win with no big retirement fund purse he’s been angling for, a lose/lose proposition.

Ustinov, currently at 29-1, 21 KO, has no such retirement thoughts just yet. A former kickboxing and mma champion reportedly undefeated, in his big boxing step up he acquitted himself well in what turned into a war of attrition against undefeated Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev as they battled back and forth in bombardment of brutally heavy artillery. Ustinov finally took a knee in fatigue when his legs could no longer carry his 300 lb mass. Pulev then moved to cement his consensus #1 challenger status to Wlad Klitschko, a fight that plays out 2 months from now in Germany, but I digress.

This fight is probably similar to that fight in that both Fury and Ustinov are come forward offensive fighters with solid power. Fury can box and move when he wants to and could make a showcase for the skills he possesses but seldom employs consistently, yet by heart he wants nothing more than an ol’ fashion British cock-up. That becomes an interesting and conflicting contrast with Ustinov as the more thoughtful, the more methodical fighter, a style that works well against lesser opponents he can overwhelm.

Will Alexander Ustinov make Tyson Fury into one of those lesser fighters or will Tyson Fury’s youthful vim and vigor be too much for the biggest, strongest fighter he’s likely to encounter in his lifetime? Calloused critics may scoff and pull their thumbs from their arrears to smear this donnybrook, but true fight fans will almost certainly be guaranteed of witnessing the fight of the night.

That’s the bottom line that carries the sport too often mired the muck and the grime of it’s history, so thanks be to these merry gentlemen for stepping up to the scratch line. It’s a go!


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