Final Act: Tyson Fury CANCELS Alexander Ustinov Fight

***This fight is CANCELLED when Tyson Fury pulled out after his former trainer and uncle Hugie took seriously ill.

Apparently the ever fickle Fates Of Misfortune are keeping Tyson Fury under their thumbs for now as his uncle Peter Fury swung in to effectively cancel the fight as Fury would be fighting without his corner. Expect a fusillade of twitter payback after he has spent years savaging various fighters in spewing streams of foulness normally associated with run off from sewage ponds. In the end, all his talk of being from a fighting family of warriors was but the tale of a toothless fairy. Sad to see him turn down a chance to go against The Man, Wlad Klitschko had he prevailed against Alexander Ustinov, but maybe he can go crawl back to the domestic UK scene and rebuild his image into something more than a bag of gas.

Hint: Time to study up on great fighters like Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey who saved their savagery for the ring and their civilized manners for outside the ring. Story here:


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