Could Deontay Wilder Even Beat Hughie Fury?

The last men’s US Olympic boxing medalist is the 2010 Bronze medalist, Deontay Wilder. He’s 28 years of age now and sports one of the most contrived records in boxing today, 31 wins, zer0 defeats, 31 knockouts over his 6 year career without ever having beaten a legit top 20 opponent, yet somehow recently managed to worm his way into a consensus top 10 ranking.  Not only, but he’s the WBC mandatory challenger to boot.

You can read about the Wilder opponent selection here in another fantasy bout I proposed years back with Hughie Fury’s older cousin, the top ten ranked Tyson Fury who also sports a perfect 22-0 record, but earned the hard way against enough top guys that they could no longer keep him from cracking the ranks many moons ago.

The 19 year old Hughie Fury made his 2013 debut in Montreal, Canada, knocking out a more highly ranked heavy than most of Wilder’s opponents have been, meaning that with almost no amateur credentials, the much younger Hughie Fury started off higher ranked than Wilder started and currently sports a boxrec ranking of 115th which is higher than that of Wilder for most of his 6 year career. Hughie may have some size over Wilder as well and is still filling up and out.

Career record here:

The crux of this fight is that Wilder as of this date, August 9th, has yet to declare who his scheduled August 16th TBA opponent is with only a week to go. How a top ten fighter can still be fighting Gary Russell type TBAs so deep into his career can be explained away on the advice of manager, promoter, the daylight, nightlight, and always bright lights avoiding Al Haymon whose aversion to public contact extends to fighters under his care.

Could the vastly more experienced and mature Wilder even beat the 19 year old Hugie Fury in a real fight as opposed to the usual Wilder canned setups that he has feasted on? Crimony, he couldn’t even knockout infamous internet troll Charlie Zelenoff in their ill advised grudge match held earlier this year.

Olympic Bronze

Olympic Bronze

I don’t have a clue since Wilder simply has yet to be legitimately tested, nor has Hughie Fury which is to be expected after only one year. Deontay Wilder vs Hughie Fury would make a big headline stadium fight in England, but would the Wilder minders ever dare such a risky proposition against a fighter with a pulse?

OK, we get that Wilder has to stay busy while he awaits his WBC title shot from Bermane Stiverne who is promoted by the infamous Don King. Sure, we know that King will get that defense stalled until late into 2015, so why is Wilder still going after short notice TBA fighters?

Pity about all that, but such is the current state of the sagging flagship hope of American boxing.

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