Year 2015: Pacquiao vs Mayweather I & II In The Queue?

After a million and one articles and threads splashed across the print medium and the internet concerning a single Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight these past 5 years that never made the scratch line, lo and behold, now TWO fights are being projected in 2015.

If boxing was really interested in making good fights then this fight would have occurred organically in 2010 when it was the hottest sporting event in the history of our newly redesigned 8 planet solar system. As such, given the passage of time and the always ongoing level of boxing corruption, incompetence, and forever bending of their every rule and regulation, these have become no more than staged “ghost events” to promote an interest in boxing as opposed to a delivered relevant fight that actually counts for something. The timing of this latest projection has to be seen as no more than a promotional nonsense to drum up PPVs in Mayweather’s upcoming Maidana rematch.

Relevant speculation from involved parties here:

Ah, hah, hah, but what’s a Mayweather promotion without a patented Mayweather monkey wrench being tossed into the works to kill the possibility of a Paquiao fight yet again. Mayweather retains his cherished undefeated record with umpteen consecutive knockouts of their fight that never was, a new TBE record.

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