Floyd Mayweather In Support of Ray Rice…and?

Floyd Mayweather made his grand arrival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas yesterday, but at the end of his red carpeted entrance there was a big pile of it he managed to step into when he was asked to comment on the NFL/Baltimore Raven Ray Rice “knockout” video. That infamous TMZ clip shows the star running back knocking out his then fiancee, Janay Palmer, now his freshly bruised and blushing bride.

There was also the Mayweather “reading video” that spread like wildfire a couple weeks ago as “payback” by former friend and spurned business partner Curtis Jackson, aka “50 cent.” That laughable, highly edited clip shows Mayweather dutifully botching a “radio drop” again and again as 50 challenges Floyd to read one page of Cat In The Hat without error. This Rice video represents a much larger, more heated public issue and has spread everywhere in high and low places, much bigger than boxing.

That Mayweather chose to hook up in support of Ray Rice at this particular moment may be key as to what could transpire in theMarcos Maidana rematch this upcoming Saturday night.

The backdrop is that Ray Rice was suspended for two games by the NFL, but then surprisingly the criminally infamous Raven team terminated his contract after video footage surfaced showing the assault and the remorseless manner Rice dumped her face first to the lobby floor before abandoning her body half in and half out of the elevator. The NFL was subsequently forced by scorching public heat into suspending him “indefinitely.” Rice had been indicted on a 3rd degree aggravated assault charge to set up his pending trial to determine his fate. The charges ended up dropped in favor of  “court supervised counseling.”

Words fail...

Words fail…

I have to see these events as very much relevant to the Maidana fight coming up in a few days. Manny Pacquiao was baited by “the press” into offering up his opinions on gay marriage days before the first Timothy Bradley fight being staged at, yup, you just had to know it was the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Needless to say, his highly publicized remarks didn’t jibe with the politically correct beliefs of the liberal, democratic party run state of Nevada. Their state senator Harry Reid is the majority leader and most powerful congressman currently serving in the US.

Manny ended up “losing” that fight via split decision despite Bradley’s weak offensive showing. Bradley was at the post fight presser in a wheelchair, perhaps suffering some long term damage to his fighter’s mindset and legs that have been shaky ever since, not the look of a winner that’s for sure.

Mayweather has been in Las Vegas for his MGM Grand record setting consecutive run of years going into the Maidana rematch. He is currently tied with the Joe Calzaghe undefeated mark of 46-0 and three fights away from tying Rocky Marciano’s undefeated 49-0 mark. In the first Maidana fight he was only one point from losing one card, and three points from losing the next closest card for a split decision loss. Remember, he has a very spare light tap-tapping style that goes over well in the confines of his hometown to win all the uneventful even type rounds that typically go to the hometown or big money fighter, Mayweather being always double blessed in that regard.

Folks, there’s boxing politics and then there’s public politics who’s backroom backstabbings, public and covert assassinations, and undeclared wars make sordid boxing politics look run by a gaggle of giggling milk fed choirboys in comparison. Can Floyd Mayweather still be seen as the hometown fighter feted as a King at the MGM Grand in Vegas or could he be unceremoniously dumped after his latest “politically incorrect gaffe?”

Grand Arrival @ MGM Grand

Grand Arrival @ MGM Grand

Certainly these are interesting developments that inquiring minds will be on the look out for going into the Maidana fight. No doubt there are others still being birthed in the queue waiting to spring forth when their time is ripe.

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One response to “Floyd Mayweather In Support of Ray Rice…and?

  1. Great insight on that. Wouldn’t have thought so much of it, but you’re right that those kinds of controversies play a part.


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