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Who Gets Poleaxed? Tomasz Adamek vs Artur Szpilka

Polish legend Tomasz “Goral” Adamek (49-3, 29 KO) and aspiring Polish legend Artur “The Pin” Szpilka (16-1, 12 KO) will be cracking hard noggins come November 8 in Krakow, Poland.


The Pin vs Goral

The Pin vs Goral

Adamek as a two division multi-belt holder is obviously more credentialed than Artur Szpilka, but the 25 year old Szpilka is still young and fresh and game as hell as his last fight against Bryant Jennings proved earlier this year. I would nominate that fight as a strong Fight of the Year contender. We also know this bout is for the defacto King of Poland title by two aggressively offensive type fighters. The soon to be 38 year old Adamek is grizzled and slowly slipping into the inevitable decline of advanced years, but he still managed to give a closing round tussle in his recent loss to undefeated contender Vyacheslav Glazkov in a fight more competitive than he got credit for.

This is likely the best ever all Polish matchup in history, a high stakes all action highly competitive fight between two heavyweight contenders with the winner perhaps being in line for a title shot next year. The vacant IBF International heavyweight title will be up for grabs, so good show gentlemen for this classic, the old lion willing to test the mettle of an up and coming young lion.


Gennedy Golovkin vs Mexican Style Fight of Marco Antonio Rubio

The Gennady Golovkin juggernaut looks to keep on steamrolling over longtime Mexican middleweight contender Marco Antonio Rubio at the Stub Hub Center this Saturday, October 18th. Rubio may have promised a “Mexican style fight,” but he didn’t obtain his long time contender status by fighting in the traditional mano a mano Mexican style.

Chavez Jr vs Rubio

Chavez Jr vs Rubio

Rubio is one strange cat cut from different fabric than most Mexicans, likely down to developing a non life threatening skin disorder that has randomly bleached his skin of pigmentation giving him a bizarre inverse raccoon look that stands out like a beacon in his largely homogeneous culture. Deceptive fighting looks like that seem almost preordained by his Creator who has also girded him with the gifts of patience, craft, and stealth combined with one of the sneakiest fight ending right hands in boxing today. No great physical phenom he, but rather he goes about his craft in such a meandering manner that his considerable list of victims are invariably drawn to the deadly strike of a viper that ends it all, his record currently being 59-6-1 with 51 knockouts.

Just ask the highly touted Canadian slugger David Lemieux how that works.

Triple G

Triple G

Good enough technique for Rubio to seize the WBC interim middleweight title which will be up for grabs along side Golovkin’s Super WBA  and IBO middleweight belts. Still, if anyone was ever cut from a different fabric, Gennedy Golovkin looks to be cut from titanium chain mail. The few who matter in his division want nothing to do with him, so of course he is somewhat flattered against the next tier of opponents willing to fight him, however his last fight against Daniel Geale was world class as far as showcasing his natural attributes. It must have been scary for those top fighters to behold, but not Rubio who may be winding down his career in one last harrah.

I look for Rubio to give considerable ground to Golovkin as he only looks to defend himself within his own self-imposed limits. He knows he can’t win a decision, attempting that level of offensive activity would prove fatal. What he can do is to give way and wait, and study and wait some more, and give way again and again until just that right moment arrives for his right hand to strike gold.

Marco Antonio Rubio awaits his big strike. Can he up end the juggernaut of Gennady Golovkin or will he be just more Mexican roadkill?

The WBA featherweight title will be on the line when Nonito Donaire takes on Nicholas Walters on the big supporting undercard that is supposed to open the HBO telecast.

How was it portrayed in the old Batman TV series? Wham, POW, Bam! Better look out all you sissies always crying in your ugly mugs over the success of Donaire. Nicholas Walters of Jamaica is undefeated, stronger than a nuclear garlic malt, and he’s got a chance to tear tender rear of Nonito Donaire a new one. Certainly I can understand why young up and coming Walters would want this fight, but there is no need for Nonito to endure another tough fight after having fought the toughest competition in boxing since 2010, 11 highly ranked and all but one a champion in a variety of boxer, puncher,  brawler and P4Per combinations. He prevailed in all but one and even in that one he knocked down Guillermo Rigondeaux twice late in the fight to lose a close decision.

This “Axe Man” Walters may still be developing his career, but he’s highly ranked and well locked and loaded for bear as his undefeated record and high KO % attest to, 24-0, 20 KO. Not to mention that he’s also 28 years old, right in the traditional athletic peak years.

Different folks/different strokes and all that, so I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m looking forward to the stylistic matchup between Golovkin and Rubio, but most especially in the wild card shootout between Donaire and Walters. Amazingly Walters is a slight favorite over Donaire who has seemed to slipped from his top form. On the other hand, Golovkin is light years ahead as a favorite over Rubio, the most lopsided odds I can recall recently.

Choose wisely, but more importantly, enjoy!


Young Gun Joseph Parker vs Ol’ Sherman Tank Williams

Young prospect Joseph Parker, age 22, has a stiff challenge ahead to climb the big hill of the heavyweight rankings when he takes on 42 year old Sherman Williams October 16th in Aucklands, New Zealand. Already he’s breathed some much needed fresh air in the division by his youthful exuberance in and out of the ring, but he’ll need to be minding his schoolboy Ps and his Qs if he is to hurdle the shopworn but always dangerous Sherman Tank.

Mighty Joe Parker

Mighty Joe Parker

This new kid on the block with an exciting take no prisoners style has down unders in New Zealand and Australia looking for their first ever heavyweight champ from those parts. Truth be told, he’s got a good shot at winning a title if he can overcome the usual personal, promotional, and fight setbacks, and more importantly, doesn’t become locked out of a title challenge due to boxing politics, something even the best heavyweights have sometimes had to overcome.

Williams who was last ranked 95th by boxrec is a good test, but my view is the one feature lacking from current heavyweight contenders and pretenders is a fatal failure to mix it up with fellow up and coming prospects who learn more fighting each other than against cagey veterans who usually only have a few tricks left in their bags that most everyone in boxing have already has figured out.

Will Young Gun Joseph Parker figure out the ol’ rusty beat up Sherman Tank Williams or is Parker to be left for road kill after Williams goes on a rampage through his artillery lines? We’re fixin’ to find out soon enough.

Mexican Carlos Molina vs Cornelius Bundrage

Mexican Carlos Molina as opposed to American born Carlos Molina finally has a chance to defend his lightly regarded IBF junior middleweight title against 41 year old former beltholder Cornelius Bundrage on Oct. 11 in Cancun, Mexico. Cancun ain’t a bad place for a deported Mexican “sexual offender” to land given his entanglement at the good ol’ US of A Homeland Security detention facility. Could have easily been a much worse outcome had he not had some high level suits working on his behalf.

His situation is similar to that of former lightweight champ Jesus Chavez who was deported on criminal charges and had to work his way in Mexico back to the US of A through legal means. Likely Molina makes that attempt in a much more difficult climate rearranged under ever more stringent “Homeland Security” regulations that encourage permanent deportations amidst the ongoing US/Mexico border crisis that contemptible political establishments have created for illegal economic gain for some 30 decades now.

This fight has a look of a dying gasp at the top for Bundrage who has been a rated contender in a weak division without ever looking to be a top fighter, so here we go again for him against another weak contender cum current ABC champ. The good news for him is that Molina technically won’t be the hometown fighter after having lived his most relevant years in America, but the bad news is Molina is a Haymon signed fighter and tough to knockout which is just about the only way Bundrage can win this fight.

Aggressive offense goes against the grain of the defensive nature of Bundrage even if the aggressive pressuring Molina can’t pop a cherry with a pile driver. The fight is likely be a dreary, sloppy affair like most Molina and Bundrage fights, but hey, ho, boxing does sloppy as well as any other profession, so there you go.

Shannon Briggs Losing The Plot~Time For Restraining Order & Criminal Charges?

Shannon Briggs continues to push the boundaries of criminal intent with his latest harassment of heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. I’m surprised a restraining order wasn’t taken out in his last big video where he stormed a local diner Klitschko was eating at to scream, steal his plate of food to help himself and then overturned the table and chairs, cutting himself and apparently Wlad in the process.

This last episode is grievous by intent when he directs a speedboat to turn circles around a waterboard paddling Wlad in the canal waters off the Florida southeastern coast. The incident capsized Wlad wh0 then had to swim to retrieve his board. Had he struck his head on the board or any debris or the speedboat or otherwise been rendered helpless, he might have drowned. There are strict maritime laws that apply to the willful use of a motorized craft to capsize another watercraft. There are a huge number of major and minor lawsuits with criminal charges just for the unintended negligence in causing the capsizing of another watercraft.

Some will say the incidents have been staged by Briggs and Klitschko, a sordid possibility that can’t be ignored absent all the details, but even so, what is being done goes against common sense and is against the law in the public place. Wlad is already coming off an injury that reshuffled his last defense to November. I have to think the constant strain of having to be calm, cool, and collected as Briggs stalks him like a mad man on the loose kept him overly tight which led to his torn bicep.

In a monkey see, monkey do world, we don’t need to see any more of these kind of behaviors. It’s time for Klitschko to completely pull the plug on Briggs for the safety of both. Briggs has always been a bit of a wild card in a funny sort of way, but he may be suffering the dementia effects from his unholy beating at the hands of Wlad’s brother, Vitali Klitschko, a few years back. He won hearts and minds and plenty of plaudits for staying in for the full beating against the advice of common sense and personal health, but all that has been squandered now.

Gentlemen, ENOUGH. I’d hate to see someone hurt more than the previous minor cuts that could have been much worse and certainly don’t wish the penitentiary for Briggs when he needs obvious help to save him from himself before it’s too late. 


Only In Mississippi~Sam Solimon vs Jermaine Taylor

The 40 year old freshly crowned IBF middleweight titleholder Sam Soliman and the 36 year old former undisputed champion Jermain Taylor will be heading up the Beau Rivage fight card October 8th down in the Biloxi mud flats of Mississippi. That’s a mid-work week Wednesday for a proper alert in this under the radar bout.

Wow, where to start with this bout that had all the nuance of an unexpected thunderclap bolt of lightning from clear blue skies when it was announced? How Taylor managed to line up a new set of suits to bankroll this nonstandard title challenge is worthy of a chapter in book about the seedy underpinnings of boxing. He is currently out on bail after a shooting altercation with his cousin in Arkansas that you can catch up with here:

As to the fight, we can start with the formidable size advantage Taylor will hold assuming he is able to drop 40 lbs from his substantial 200 lb frame in the 7 weeks from the time of his arrest. Soliman is not a big fighter in spite of winning the Aussie cruiserweight title in only his 2nd pro bout. What he is is something of a training fanatic, always being in fantastic condition for his light punching but very busy box and move style. I’m guessing Taylor will weigh 180-185 lbs come fight night to Sam’s 165-170 lbs, but the styles guarantee this bout won’t be decided on size.

Soliman vs Wright

Soliman vs Wright

Taylor can punch some and used to a solid boxer, but I haven’t seen his most recent reincarnation. His past weakness has proven to be his stamina usually interrelated to his chin. Soliman can exploit his stamina, but with a lowly 30% KO ratio, he’s not likely to put a dent in the Taylor chin. The biggest advantage Taylor holds is the home style environs of Mississippi. Soliman lost a widely disparaged decision against 185 lb Winky Wright 9 years ago that American fans rightly booed then. Wright was going into the Bernard Hopkins title challenge that the suits could hardly jeopardize, but they foolishly tried their best by scheduling Soliman without knowing his capabilities.

While I wish Jermain all the best after his recent altercation and rough years in the backwater ports, I suspect this fight will be quickly forgotten, unless…

…Because of the ass backward backroom scoring method boxing uses for decisions, especially “hometown decisions,” Taylor is in this hunt in spite of being well past his best. I expect Soliman to largely outbox and befuddle Taylor, but whether Sam gets proper credit is a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

We’ll see soon enough.