Shannon Briggs Losing The Plot~Time For Restraining Order & Criminal Charges?

Shannon Briggs continues to push the boundaries of criminal intent with his latest harassment of heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. I’m surprised a restraining order wasn’t taken out in his last big video where he stormed a local diner Klitschko was eating at to scream, steal his plate of food to help himself and then overturned the table and chairs, cutting himself and apparently Wlad in the process.

This last episode is grievous by intent when he directs a speedboat to turn circles around a waterboard paddling Wlad in the canal waters off the Florida southeastern coast. The incident capsized Wlad wh0 then had to swim to retrieve his board. Had he struck his head on the board or any debris or the speedboat or otherwise been rendered helpless, he might have drowned. There are strict maritime laws that apply to the willful use of a motorized craft to capsize another watercraft. There are a huge number of major and minor lawsuits with criminal charges just for the unintended negligence in causing the capsizing of another watercraft.

Some will say the incidents have been staged by Briggs and Klitschko, a sordid possibility that can’t be ignored absent all the details, but even so, what is being done goes against common sense and is against the law in the public place. Wlad is already coming off an injury that reshuffled his last defense to November. I have to think the constant strain of having to be calm, cool, and collected as Briggs stalks him like a mad man on the loose kept him overly tight which led to his torn bicep.

In a monkey see, monkey do world, we don’t need to see any more of these kind of behaviors. It’s time for Klitschko to completely pull the plug on Briggs for the safety of both. Briggs has always been a bit of a wild card in a funny sort of way, but he may be suffering the dementia effects from his unholy beating at the hands of Wlad’s brother, Vitali Klitschko, a few years back. He won hearts and minds and plenty of plaudits for staying in for the full beating against the advice of common sense and personal health, but all that has been squandered now.

Gentlemen, ENOUGH. I’d hate to see someone hurt more than the previous minor cuts that could have been much worse and certainly don’t wish the penitentiary for Briggs when he needs obvious help to save him from himself before it’s too late. 


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