Wladimir Klitschko vs Kubrat Pulev, Part II

The first Kubrat Pulev fight was abruptly rescheduled after Wladimir Klitschko tore a bicep in training, or so the official story goes, November 15th at the O2 World Arena in Hamberg, Germany. I sense more than a biceps injury may have been in play. Hard to get a grip on what is going on with Wlad’s career now that he has a sociopathic clown Shannon Briggs stalking his every move in anticipation of increasingly dangerous physical confrontations, the last one using a speedboat to capsize Klitschko off the coast of Florida.

I have to think that building pressure interfering with his concentration played a part in the injury, but who can really know save the team itself? Klitschko is 38 years of age, traditionally quite ancient by previous heavyweight generations, especially after a very active Olympic career and 65 professional fights in 329 rounds of action. Add thousands of rounds of sparring, that’s a lot of wear, yet until now he’s been relatively injury free.

Nary a peep from Pulev about the delay. He’s likely sharpening his knives thinking the scenario favors him against an ailing Klitschko. You can read about the previous fight breakdown here which would remain the same, unless…

…We’ll just have to see how healthy Wladimir is. Pulev would be a handful for a healthy Wlad, but a nightmare for an ailing Wlad.


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