Kimbo Slice Cashes Out Vs Alexander Ustinov

***12/7 Update: Boxrec removed Kimbo Slices’s name from the venue yesterday and have Raymond Ochieng as his replacement. Such is the shaky nature of some of these promotions. Kimbo lives to fight another day perhaps for bigger bucks than he was too receive.

Well, folks, looks like modern bare knuckle legend Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, is finally cashing in his chips against Alexander Ustinov Saturday, December 11th at the Dynamo Palace of Sports in Moscow.



Ustinov is a professional quality heavyweight boxer out of Belarus quite immense in size and strength, so far up the chain from Slice’s best competition as to become incomprehensible as to why Kimbo would wish to commit career suicide. Well, from Florida to Moscow is quite a long trip for his team to take, so plenty of time to back out of this fight.

That said, likely the great bulk of any betting that goes on is picking the round Kimbo makes his expected exit as a developing fighter. Might be a good time find another job since boxing at a lower level won’t be paying him the expected dividends he has become accustomed to as a celebrity fighter.

Alexander Ustinov

Alexander Ustinov

Ustinov is only 2 years younger than the 40 year old Kimbo with many more miles on his odometer from MMA and ama/pro boxing, but he has a refreshingly youthful look about him compared to the ancient countenance of Slice who looks a decade older in wear and tear than his 40 years.

Let’s just relax and sit back see how it goes as it should be quite interesting from an action point of view, so good luck gentlemen and happy holidays…


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