And Here’s Jhonny~~Gonzalez vs Gary Russell Jr

This bout is potentially an excellent match up and definitely must see from at least a technical viewpoint as Jhonny Gonzalez gloves it up against Gary Russell Jr for Jhonny’s WBC feather belt.

Some Jhonny Medicine

Some Jhonny Medicine

Russell as quick as they come in foot/hand/reflexes, but well down on high level experience that Gonzo has been waging almost from his rough inception into Mexican boxing, now bilingual in Vegas as well as many other ports of call over these many years. I cringe over the potential judging and referee outrages since Russell is a long time protected/padded out Al Haymon fighter. The best fighter Russell ever faced he scarcely showed up for, losing comprehensively to basically an amateur with only 2 pro fights, Vasyl Lomachenko. Gonzo’s one of the few still with Golden Boy as far as I know, so it remains to be seen how much influence Golden Boy has on officiating if Russell is able to run his way to a decision. I understand the judges are supposed to be moving to hand held smarty type tablets which make it easier to offer up horrible decisions as they are used to. Whether that is for this fight or later remains to be seen.

One thing is always certain, Jhonny Gonzalez remains one of the most exciting fighters in boxing, so there it is, April 28th at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas for any interested…


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