Who Knew? Danny Garcia vs Lamont Peterson @143 catchweight

Danny Garcia fights Lamont Peterson in a nontitle 143lb catchweight bout Saturday, April 11th at Barclays in Brooklyn, New York in what could be plenty of action. Or perhaps ever more controversy since these are two Al Haymon fighters, officiating controversy being the main domain of most any Haymon arranged fight.

Both of these guys are really too big for 140, but Peterson still holds the IBF belt he won off Amir Khan and may chose to return after this fight depending on future offers. The not nearly so “Swift” Garcia may hold the WBC/WBA belts, yet has not defended in over a year now. Maybe because most know that the unsung Mauricio Herrera made him look like silly little putty in what was his grande Puerto Rico homecoming. Of course with Garcia being one of the crown pasted glass jewels of the Al Haymon empire, natch, Garcia happily ran away with the boos and the decision to much derision. His team hasn’t been able to find the fortitude to chance another risk to his title, thus he is becoming what is all too common in boxing as many top fighters milk out their titles for extended paydays against lesser opponents, a propped up fighter.

At least we’ll see Garcia in against solid, very tough contender. I expect Peterson to outbox him and pick his big shots carefully for a comprehensive win according to written rules regarding scoring, but can he win over the Haymon judges who have shown a distinct propensity to pick the money fighter Garcia who has been less than scintillating during his career save for a few spectacular KOs? Certainly nobody would begrudge him knocking out Peterson, and that could happen since he’s the slugger in this bout, but Boxing has never been in such perilous times as now with no real future stars coming up. Too many of the few select contenders are seemingly content to be involved in endless series canned fights as Al Haymon launches his big media deals in his bid to take over boxing.

Peterson is not nearly so carefully propped up for a Floyd Mayweather fight as Garcia is, and such is how we follow Haymon boxing, by following the money to the top of the food chain.

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