Ho-Hum~Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Andrzej Fonfara

One of a zillion newly signed Al Haymon legions now, the “Son of The Legend,” Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, 48-1, 32 KO, seems to have settled his dispute with Top Rank to return on Showtime April 18 at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA. The bout will be at a 172lb catch weight against Polish lightheavy contender Andrzej Fonfara, 26-3, 15 KO.

Junior @ Work

Junior @ Work

Barring egregious officiating, something quite probable in boxing, especially as regards to the often pampered career of Junior who has struggled to make weight in every division he’s fought in, it looks to me like Chavez is making a major mistake and will be whooped badly. Fonfara may not look like much as first physical impressions go, but he’s a dead game, dead serious, very well trained lightheavy contender. Many, probably most fans thought he whooped the Montreal Manhood out of ballyhooed champ Adonis Stevenson only to lose that hometown styled decision.

Indeed, in the ever fading from public conciousness, growing ever more irrelevant Boxing world world, “it” happens as often as not and boxing poohbahs seemingly relish stepping into “it” again and again because of $ubstantial benefits they receive by controlling the results for chosen gaming interests.

Nonetheless, the combatants still have to glove up and step into the ring where the best laid plans of mice and men and corrupt boxing poohbahs can sometimes be derailed. A major consideration for Fonfara will be the catchweight since he’s been right at the 175 lb light heavy limit or over in his last 3 fights, now needing to weigh in 4 lbs less than he’s used to. Also thanks to the way boxing conducts it’s business, we don’t know if there will be a rehydration limit imposed on him. We do know Junior’s fight night weight will probably be over 190 lbs, but even if he’s bigger than Fonfara, he’ll be eating the hardest leather he’s ever experienced before. Junior has thus far shown a rock solid chin much to the chagrin of his manically raging critics, but Fonfara can crack some and will probably be going for the KO to take the fight out of shaky judges hands.

The fight itself absent the officiating could well prove to be all action and fan friendly. Does Junior have what it takes to win cleanly? He’s a big, very strong kid. Hopefully the result will be the right one.

Yes Virginia, sometimes even boxing gets one right. We’ll have to see about all that.

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