Sluggathon of the Year~Lucas Matthysse vs Ruslan Provodnikov~((BooM))

Lucas Martin Matthysse will have to be very careful when he goes in against Ruslan Provodnikov in this clash of two very under appreciated sluggers at the Turning Stone in Verona, New York this Saturday, April 18th. I don’t care to see hard working, game slugger types as these two are pitted against each other after each being consistently robbed by “Boxing.” Sluggers have historically been deprecated  when they can’t knock out boxer types even when they beat up those running, spoiling, defensive types, so now the loser of this bout will be further financially depreciated no matter how bravely and gamely he performs.

Matthysse vs Provodnikov

Matthysse vs Provodnikov

We never see boxer types being robbed when they happen to score one of their rare KOs, but such is the silly way boxing has always done business with their Three Blind Mice scoring system. Imagine how 3 competing scores tallied for baseball, football, basketball or soccer would play out with the fans? Unleashed madness would be the result, but of course those sports are more intelligently organized so as to use the sheer mass of players as distractions to pull out strategic referee and umpiring decisions that affect the scores. Somehow boxing gets away with highly disparate tallies and obvious referee interference as a matter of routine that are so obvious in one on one situations. As HL Menckan was fond of noting, no businessman ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of Americans, and he might add especially boxing fans.

These are two foreign nationals out of Argentina and Siberia respectively are being used by American boxing to prop up their dying sport now consisting of the few faint hearted American boxers left in the sport. At least this is a throwback of sorts, the qualifier being that Matthysse will likely box and pick his punches more carefully. He has to respect the top of the heap power that Freddie Roach trained Provodikov has shown when he utterly brutalized and emasculated a very strong Timothy Bradley and game Chris Algieri respectively only to “lose” the decision.

Things that go ((BooM)) in the night, Matthysse vs Provodnikov.

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