What Are They Thinking? Shane Mosely Vs Ricardo Mayorga Vs Don King

Though this monumental mistake promises some very cheap entertainment this Saturday, August 29th, at the Forum, Inglewood, California, it will be coming at a dear price of a $50 PPV. All I can say is good luck to Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga on their rematch and expected PPV projections as well as the financial lawsuit settlement against the deceitfully decrepit Don King who claims to own Mayorga’s contract. He tried to stop the fight with a court injunction but failed.

Them Were The Days

Them Were The Days

No doubt Mosley, who has been something of a gym rat his whole life, will be in good shape, but he hasn’t fought since two years ago after he was TKOed by Anthony Mundine down under in the topsy-turvy land of OZ after his back went out on him. It’s been ages since he’s had a knockout and he’s been beat up more than a few times since then.

Mayorga has been more active in 2014 with a couple of knockouts over a pair of no hope type lightheavies hovering just under the Boxrec 1000 ranking mark. He had voluntarily retired after Miguel Cotto beat him up and knocked him out in 2011, but now he’s 41 years of age with a poor history of training, so how’s that gonna work for him?

Well, Mayorga is very tough and game as we all know. He can punch too if he ever manages to land one of his roundhouse swings and Mosley is even more ancient at 44 years of age. Supposedly this senior moment is a feud of Twitter insults coming to fruition, but it smacks more of a Three Ring Retirement Circus than a professional fight. Hope everyone comes out healthy with a some spare change to jingle and promptly retire, but too often fighters don’t have enough sense to come out of the rain at their career ends…Shame that… 

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