Please Don’t Faint~ It’s Deontay Wilder vs Johann Duhaupas

Johann Duhaupas won the French lottery when the TBA Heavyweight was chosen on short notice to challenge the increasingly spooked WBC beltholder Deontay Wilder as he pussyfoots ever so lightly toward his limpid legacy. The historical world renown Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama was chosen as the venue come Saturday, September 26th, and WHOOHOO, who else to thank but the usual suspects squirreled away deep where the sun don’t shine in an underground Vegas bunker trying to take over boxing.

“The Reptile” Duhaupas

The bad news is that the 34 years old Duhaupas only has a 34th ranking on boxrec, but the good news is he’s ranked #1 in France as the French Heavyweight Champion for the limp wristed Wilder fans to swoon over. The bad news is that the last American Olympic boxing medalist, bronze, has been given a new nickname by anti social media monkeys, the Bronze Bambi. The good news is that Duhaupas might just be the 3rd best fighter Wilder has ever fought. The bad news is few care about boxing anymore much less this faint hearted Olympic medalist. The good news is few care about boxing anymore, so fewer fighters are left to get hurt and fewer fans are disappointed.

The really sad, really bad news is that Sugardaddy Al Haymon, his overseer, passed on a $2 million dollar Shannon Briggs offer to challenge Wilder for considerably less against the unknown Euro based Frenchman now travelling to Alabama. The really feel good news is that I don’t make this stuff up folks, only in boxing can we be provided with such rich material to snicker over.

The promotion is touting that this is supposed to be the first prime time heavyweight title fight on NBC since May 20, 1985. Then the rapidly fading Larry Holmes poorly defended  his ill begotten IBF bauble against young Carl “The Truth” Williams in Reno, Nevada. Larry was well whooped with his eye completely closed against the raw kid, should’ve been a stoppage, but boxing kept Larry propped up for one more fight, his 49-0 attempt against Michel Spinks who, like Williams and Witherspoon before him, easily outboxed the increasingly plodding, gunshy Larry, and lo and behold, actually got credit for it. Amazing things sometimes do happen in boxing and in life, after all, we remember getting money for our baby teeth under our pillows, but I don’t think the Tooth Fairy will be visiting the Frenchman in Alabama.

Not sure about the exact numbers, but it may well be Wilder holds the modern world heavyweight record for the most TBA knockouts, so the burning question for this “event” is…badaboom…how do you say DUH in French with an Alabama accent? 


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