A Fat Man Fight~Andy Ruiz Jr vs Devin Vargas

A fat man stumbles into a boxing ring, and then suddenly another fat man enters the ring. Where’s the punchline you ask?

How about Mexicali Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr tangling with Toledonian American Devin Vargas at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino, Lemoore, California, Saturday, September 26th? Is that good enough?

Updated: Devin Vargas is now out, for what reason I don’t know. Joell Godfrey, 17-14-1, 6 KO, moves in for an 8 rounder. Weights are Ruiz 248 lbs and Godfrey 211. Ruiz near his all time low in weight. Godfrey flits between heavy and cruiser and usually goes the distance, only being KOed twice, but Ruiz by far the best heavy he’s ever faced. I’m guessing Godfrey will be a runner for this and Ruiz will have to chase him down, hopefully patiently as American judges love American runners these days, so this could be a potential banana peel for Ruiz.

Godfrey record here:


Andy Ruiz, currently 24-0, 17 KO, should be in better matchups at this point in time, but truth be told his promoter, Top Rank, has spent near a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears over 5 fruitless years to finally make the biggest paying boxing match in history, Pacquiao vs Mayweather to the neglect of the rest of their stable. No need to go into further sordid details in the making of that disaster and subsequent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of lawsuits, but the main thing is Top Rank should now be free to better promote it’s future. The unlikely shaped Ruiz is also scheduled for a 2nd bout a month after this presumed victory. In short, a pair of tune ups at the close of the year to hopefully set the stage for a much bigger year for the 26 year old Ruiz who could easily challenge for the WBC belt currently being babysat by Al Haymon for Deontay Wilder. What a beautiful Mutt and Jeff promotion that would be with the pencil thin Wilder against the butterball Ruiz.

Deja Vu Two Ton Tony Galento

Deja Vu Two Ton Tony Galento

Make no mistake though, this fatboy can fight with the best right now save a Klitschko. He turned pro in 2009 at a shade under 300 lbs, and though he fluctuates wildly, we can see him above two years ago in Macao, China at 255 lbs where he demolished highly regarded, undefeated prospect, Joe Hanks. As you can see, this is one stout kid with a one off type of physique, so we best make our fatboy jokes with some major respect.

Olympic Team Captain

Olympic Team Captain

Devin Vargas, 18-4, 7 KO, happens to be an excellent boxer with Olympic credentials, his main problem being a distinct lack of power, meaning that most top heavies can walk right through him. His last three losses have been knockouts, so likely his chin is cracked permanently and won’t be able to put up much of a battle, but he’ll definitely give Ruiz another stylistic look from what he’s used to for as long as he lasts.

The main focus of this piece is Ruiz, of course, being the favorite. He’s been off 9 months, so what kind of shape will he be in? How long will it take him to get untracked and put Vargas down? Is he ready and focused on 2016 as a breakout year?

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