Wladimir Klitschko Down For The Long Count

A torn tendon is being blamed as the culprit behind the postponement of the Wlad/Fury fight scheduled in Germany this October 24th. This will be his 2nd postponement out of his last three fights, so it looks to be the predictable slow motion physical breakup being played out as he nears 40 years of age. 

Klitschko training camps tend to be so much harder than his fights due to his heavy sparring schedules, so he might consider lighter sparring and alternative conditioning routines as he closes out his career after an incredible record setting and tying run. Not my place to tell such a champ supported by a doctorate in physical education, but nobody can put off Father Time forever.

Good Luck with the rehabilitation.

Poor Fury is getting quite the reputation for knocking out big name opponents trying to train to fight him. Not the most lucrative setup, but becoming legendary in his own right. Nice Batman stunt too, and how on earth does 6-9 ever fit into a yellow Lamborghini without the use of Houdini spirits?

Maybe he can borrow Ricky Hatton’s fatman suit for the rematch presser, ya think? Link here:


Lookee Ma, It's Batman!

Lookee Ma, It’s Batman!



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