New Gen Joseph Parker vs Old Gen Kali Meehan

One of the top heavyweight prospects goin’ today, the 23 year old Joseph Parker, 15-0, 13 KO, steps across a couple of decades to go against the 45 year old Kali Meehan, 42-5, 32 KO, for a veritable blizzard of African/Oriental titles in a 12 rounder, Thursday, October 15th @ Trust Arena, Auckland, New Zealand.

Going way back to when Parker was just a schoolboy, Meehan lost a very hotly contested split decision against WBO titlest Lamon Brewster in Las Vegas. Outraged fans raised holy hell, increasingly fed up with mounting Don King promoted outrages. Fast forward 11 years later and nothing has changed in boxing save a few fresh new faces creating new officiating outrages like the TUE 49-0 “record.”  This time though, crooked Americans are not likely to have any say in this outcome given the exotic location and foreign titles at stake. Both are native Aucklanders, so both will be favorites as the fan friendly old lion takes on the popular young lion.

Meehan will be the best fighter Parker has ever fought and he’s got some size to him as well. He’s ranked 29th on Boxrec at the time of the fight, only 11 spots behind Parker. He’s still crafty, can box or slug, so Parker needs some good nuance on top of a good night to see him off as Meehan won’t go lightly. 

Auckland vs Auckland

Auckland vs Auckland

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