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Bryant Jennings Challenges WBA Heavyweight Interim Luis Ortiz

Wow, Bryant Jennings Challenges WBA Heavyweight Interim geegaw holder Luis Ortiz, Saturday, December 19th @Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, so where to start with this one in the current reprehensible state of boxing?

Well, how about we begin with a positive in that Jennings has proven to be a worthy challenger and this another big opportunity for him. Ortiz is to be commended by his quick turn around after beating little known Argentine Matias Ariel Vidondo for the belt in October, a mere 2 months from the time of this fight. Those spare positives thusly acknowledged, it must be noted that the manner in that Ortiz won the belt befits the current soiled ills of boxing after one of this era’s more dubious knockouts of Lateef Kayode last year was changed to a No Contest.

The reason you ask?

Only the usual, stupid, positive drug test for steroids by Ortiz. Was the victim Kayode offered this fight? Of course not, that would be too fair of boxing, which as everyone knows is becoming less and less a fairly officiated, regulated sport as fans flee their viewing fleecing by the thousands yearly. Just scare up some ring rusty 38 year old Argentine medical student as fodder for drug cheat Ortiz to have another dishonorable crack at the most pathetic geegaw in modern boxing history, the WBA heavyweight interim title.

As to this upcoming bout, let’s face facts, the winsome, 31 year old American, Bryant Jennings, is the money fighter here with a future, not the 36 year old Ortiz, who, like most Cubans, looks older than his listed age, and a lot fatter than 237 lbs in his last fight would suggest for a 6-4 slugger, his numbers just not jibbing to what we see on the screen. Jennings is a very low mileage 31 years of age coming off 12 sometimes competitive rounds against the best heavyweight of this era, Wladimir Klitschko. He has a very underrated trainer in John David Jackson at his camp to soak up all his experience. In spite of the Ortiz storied Cuban ama career, save for a puncher’s chance, and Ortiz does pack a solid punch not to be sneered at, he is likely to be outclassed by Bryant speed of hand and foot based on their styles. Might even get knocked out since Jennings should possess more power than his career shows thus far and has likely been working on his biggest weakness in camp.

Maybe Jennings can restore a bit of shine to the long time befouled WBA belt, but he has to go through Ortiz first, so let’s see it.

Jennings vs Ortiz

Jennings vs Ortiz



New Ruskie Roy Jones Jr vs Enzo Maccarinelli In Moscow

Future Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr, 62-8, 45 KO, and Enzo Maccarinelli, 40-7, 32 KO are scheduled to meet December 12th this Saturday at the VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia.

Y'all musta forgot...

Y’all musta forgot…

One scarcely knows how this will go since both are past primes but still game fighters as their strengths and weaknesses play into each other’s hands. The soon to be 47 years old Jones recently obtained Russian citizenship in a move that surprised many US fans. Then the 35 year old Macca signed to fight Jones in a move that surprised many UK fans. Since nobody ever contemplated this matchup, most are just scratching their noggins. Can the freshly minted Roy even be considered the hometown favorite?

One big advantage Macca has over Jones is 6-4 height, size, and reach advantage even if box rec speciously lists their reaches the same at 74″. He also has a big power advantage being a natural cruiserweight. Jones still has the hand speed advantage even if his foot speed and balance are down, and he’s still got his top level experience to guide him.



May the best man win and may both consider finding a nice soft place to land for retirement. They’ve given quite enough to boxing without further risking their health.

A Proper BRIT Blast’em UP~Anthony Joshua Vs Dillian Whyte

Rising contender Anthony Joshua puts up his Commonwealth (British Empire) heavyweight titleBBBofC British heavyweight title and WBC International heavyweight title   against his formidable rival, Dillian Whyte, during the holiday season, Saturday, December 12. To be contested at the O2 Arena Millenium Dome in London, a place the Olympic Gold Medalist is quite comfortable in, having notched 4 knockouts in his previous contests there. 

Brits love to pin big expectations on their big men, but alas, Lennex Lewis is the only Brit to have delivered the goods in their history though perhaps Sir ‘enery Cooper may be the most beloved British heavy, so the talented Joshua has a lot of stereotyping to overcome. It helps that he physically fits the prototype of a modern heavy champ, being 6-6 with an 82″ reach packing near 250 lbs. His 14-0 record with 14 knockouts surely gilds his lily, but we recently went through that with David Price who unfortunately was sold out by his poorly confused promoter when overmatched too soon against the highly experienced Tony Thompson. Just by looks of things thus far, Joshua already seems to have more upside than the now belabored Price ever had, so now the real fun begins for him at the higher levels of boxing where mistakes once overlooked by his lesser competition could now prove fatal against his equals.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

What I’ve noticed about him is that his hands are strangely small for such a big man, making me wonder how long they can endure his substantial power over his career. Regardless, he’s got British boxing fans’ full attention as will Whyte when Destiny sounds out the sirens’ clarion call to battle.

Whyte is less proven than Joshua with lesser expectations, yet 16-0 with 13 knockouts is nothing to sneer at. He’s near the same physical dimensions as Joshua that he used to steamroll his best opponent yet, former fringe contender Brian Minto in 3 rounds. That was also Whyte’s first ever fight at the O2 last September, so maybe he likes it there, ya think?

Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte

Could turn out to be a Battle For Britain classic that elevates both fighters in the boxing realm and legend. Then again it could be one shot and yer outta there early exit since both are obviously the biggest punchers each will have faced so far, so who can really say how solid their chins are. For sure Joshua looks to be the better boxer, so he’s the favorite…it’s all good…