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Ding-Dong & Ring The Gong II~Sergey Kovalev vs Jean Pascal

Ding-Dong and ring in the Gong for the New Year at the Belle Center in Montreal as Sergey Kovalev travels north again to give Montreal stinker, Jean Pascal, an undeserved rematch. That would be on a Saturday, January 30th for any masochists who might enthralled by Pascal’s grotesquely negative, running, light swatting, looking like Tarzan but fighting like a gymnastic Jane style.

Pascal still had the look of being Gonged by Kovalev in his next fight against undefeated Cuban Yunieski Gonzalez, both in their Las Vegas debut, so you’d think that if Pascal really had something left in his quiver, he would wish to prove that he could handle a relative newcomer, but nope, it was ever more stink to ferret out a hotly disputed, lightly swatted decision over Gonzalez. Most thought Gonzalez won the fight clearly. Only in boxing do we have such horrible scoring controversies due to boxing’s incomprehensibly subjective, poorly enforced rules. Gonzalez would have been the more entertaining, more traditional fight for Kovalev, but instead the suits propped up Pascal for a training session with Freddie Roach in what looks like his last chicken run at a title.

Of course, this being in Montreal, if he does survive the 12 round distance this time around, he could garner yet another hometown stink decision that gets booed by his own hometown crowd to feather out his career. In that regard, rumors floating around have been that Kovalev may have been somewhat lax in his training for the rematch, so maybe the cards have been reshuffled for this one.

Then the reprehensible charges of racism floated by both camps and the ever complicit tabloid media as if boxing needs any more of this kind of vicious baiting to titillate or outrage the misanthropic social media monkeys already up to their eyeballs in poisonous bile.

Below is basically how it went the whole night for Pascal anytime Kovalev landed flush the last go round.  Sure, for a while he was able to run around squawkin’ and flappin’ like a winged chicken nugget, a style that would make anyone look bad, but Pascal scarcely landed anything of note, certainly nothing which bothered Kovalev. Kovalev wisely stayed patient to put continuous pressure with hard shots that finally did Pascal in despite his squeaky protestations.



So, it’s deja vu all over again, shame that, but this the only decent paying bout Kovalev currently has, only in boxing!

Oh, Brother~Deontay Wilder vs TBA Artur Szpilka

WBC chump Deontay Wilder inaugurates the new 2016 year of boxing by making another TBA defense against Polish free spirit, Artur Szpilka, Saturday, January 16, 2016, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. TBA is shorthand for “To Be Announced,” as in the opponent chosen spare weeks before the projected fight, the last refuge of a scoundrel not serious yet about being a major player at heavyweight.

Yupsir, you really need to know that Wilder, 35-0, 34 KO, and Szpilka, 20-1, 15 KO, was being touted as the first heavyweight title fight in Brooklyn since James Jeffries knocked out James Corbett in the 23rd round on May 11, 1900 on Coney Island. Zounds, never mind that Wilder has about as much credibility as champion as Lee Savold did as the White Heavy beltholder and BBBC world heavy champ when Joe Louis discombobulated him from his senses to claim both titles that were immediately stripped from Louis if you want to go way back into the dark corners of boxing history.



Fast Forward to today>>> and make sure to thank Al Haymon for this disgrace to boxing history, he being holed up in his underground bunker as the king of TBA promoters and Wilder the king of TBA Heavyweights. Not to disparage the hard fighting Szpilka who was involved in a legitimite fight of the year type brouhaha against Bryant Jennings last year, but clearly the fainting goat syndrome Wilder needs these sort of late announcements to limit opponent training as a crutch to keep him going for his eventual planned big payday, but against whom since the heavyweight division was upended by Tyson Fury who dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in the upset of the year?

The fight itself could potentially be a good one, but the officiating promises the usual favors for Wilder needed for him to successfully overcome his opposition. Naturally, we can’t blame Szpilka who simply could not turn down this opportunity at beating a very vulnerable title holder, the current TBA Champion of the World. He’s been around enough to know the suits are all stacked against him in America. His new trainer, Ronnie Shields, also has a history of pulling the plug prematurely on fighters, so good luck to Szpilka as he’ll need to watch his back since the ref will be crawling all over it as his trainer fondles his white towel, waiting, waiting, waiting for just that right moment to toss it in to kill the fight…only in boxing…