Vasyl Lomachenko vs Roman “Rocky” Martinez

This Saturday, June 11th, All World Olympic boxing legend Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko, 5-1, 3 KO, moves up a division to challenge Roman “Rocky” Martinez, 29-2-3, 17 KO for his WBO superfeatherweight belt at Madison Square Garden.

Rocky Martinez vs Vasyl Lomachenko

Rocky Martinez vs Vasyl Lomachenko

On paper this sounds like an excellent fight since both are highly ranked in their divisions and tend to be in exciting, action type contests that please fans. Lomachenko, the boxer in this battle, is going to be the favorite due to his prodigious talents with the heavy slugging Martinez perhaps being a little shopworn after a few wars, now age 33. Lomachenko, 28 years old, is usually regarded as the most decorated amateur in history, having captured a King’s ransom of gold medals, and more importantly, at the start of his professional prime. If he wins, it means he will be the fastest, least experienced fighter to win a title in his 2nd division. Yeah, I know, it’s a pretty silly stat these days because of all the belts and divisions available, but Lomachenko has proven to be quite impressive, belt or no belt, and he can only fight who they put in front of him, outstanding competition thus far.

Problem for Lomachenko being that this will also be the same day as Puerto Rico Day in New York City, so with Martinez being Puerto Rican, he and his fans will be extra pumped for this, making him more a dangerous fighter. He certainly has the pro experience advantage and has been operating at his own very high level.

This should be one of the better competitive matches that can be made this year, the only tragedy being that so many more competitive matches could have be made over the years, yet are not because of current boxing operations and politics which has been poisoning the sport. Well, we beggers can’t be choosy, so any fans of the sweet and not so sweet science should tune in for this rock’em, sock’em fight fest.




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