Andre the Ward of Oakland vs Alexander Brand?

Yupsir, the current #4 Ring P4P fighter is taking on his 5th unranked fighter in his division over the past 5 years, yet is still The Ring’s favorite son. That is to more precisely say that Andre Ward, 29-0, 15 KO, is a 85 to 1 favorite in the US over Alexander Brand,  25-1, 19 KO, Saturday, August 6th at the Oracle Arena, Oakland, California. In Europe the odds are even more stupendous, -10000, that is to say if you bet $10,000 on Ward, you win…pause for a gasp of disbelief…

……….$100, and even more outrageous is this acknowledged grotesque mismatch is on HBO, so who ever said boxing was dying?

I wasn’t even going to bother with this little doohickey until I heard about the improbable odds. Brand has fought 24 of his fights in Columbia against nobody that anyone in the US would ever recognize, mostly local clubfighter types. The only name on his record was in the US, a supermiddle prospect, Badou Jack, who won a spare split decision before being knocked out by a journeyman though he eventually came back to win a split for the WBC supermiddle title. So that’s pretty much it for career supermiddle Brand who is near 40 years of age, yet here he is on HBO, and who could have ever thunk such a thing up but boxing?

Son of Who?

Son of Who?

As to Ward, it seems clear he no longer wants to compete at the high levels any more, looking for an easy out before his cash out against Sergey Kovalev if he can make it through yet another training camp without breaking a nail.  By the more impartial boxrec rankings, The Son of Who? ranks 19th P4P just over British featherweight Lee Selby. Yessir, he’s a bit delicate these days, developing an Imelda Marcus shoe collecting fetish on top of various other injuries on top of a rather disputatious reputation as one of boxing’s ultimate divas. Even his boxrec fighter pic looks more like a mug shot of the most boring personality and fighter on earth. His recent fights would have been worthy of a prospect looking for some good experience, not a veteran P4P fighter in his prime years, but then he did take a long time, 5 years, before he ever faced a ranked fighter, so maybe he has need to crawl before he can walk in his new division.

The odds would suggest this will be like watching fearless hunters shooting fish in a barrel and birds in a cage. Alas, there is a rare genetic deficiency that predisposes that some small segment of the population will be avidly watching this…only in boxing!

Son of Who? vs Who?

Son of Who? vs Who?

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