And What Is This? Canelo Alvarez vs Beefy Smythe?

Damned if I or anyone knows what Saul Alvarez and Golden Boy are doing any more other than seeking to challenge the 154 lb WBO British champ Liam Smith on Mexican Independence Weekend, this Saturday, September 17th at Cowboy AT&T Stadium, aka Jerry World.

Only 0.00001% or less of the American population might even know who Beefy is, yet that lack of recognition doesn’t appear to be an obstacle to the anticipated near sellout of Jerry World, aka Cowboy stadium by crazed fans wanting to get in on a Canelo title fight according to Mr. Cowboy, Jerry Jones. Jerry says he’ll make his money on the popcorn sales, and of course Jerry knows more ways to Jimmy crack pop corn than anyone in boxing.

To cut to the chase, basically Beefy is a huge powerful guy as you can see from the prefight announcement publicity pictures of the two out of training in street clothes where Canelo is likely at 180 lbs. That must make Beefy near 200 lbs, and neither he or Canelo are looking fat, meaning a 26 lb weight loss for Canelo and a 46 lb weight loss for Beefy to make the 154 limit, absolutely astonishing as well as dangerous in an already dangerous combat sport.

Canelo vs Beefy

Canelo vs Beefy

Sadly, for whatever reasons which may have to do with building up the Canelo fan base even further with two British type fights in a row, such are the current shenanigans in use to avoid the seemingly big money Gennady Golovkin fight that gets put off for the 3rd time. That fight has supposedly been pushed back to 2017, but who can know these days of hard times for boxing that sees Oscar De La Hoya looking to save and rebuild his company after the razing by Al Haymon and Richard Schaefer.

And now in a luverly bit of English irony, we had Golovkin traveling overseas to Merry Olde England to battle welter champ Kell Brook the week before this fight, by easy as pie knockout of course, so by the end of September, there should be plenty of British interest whenever the belated Canelo/Golovkin bout gets made. Maybe that was the plan all along, and it sure sounds goofy, but perhaps hidden economic concerns are driving these actions. A civil lawsuit had previously been filed against Canelo and Goldenboy concerning a contract with All Star Boxing that Canelo is alleged to have been under when signed by Goldenboy. Right after the Khan fight when Golovkin negotiations seem all but done, that civil case was heard and ruled upon in Florida.

All Star Boxing won a judgement against Canelo’s contract in spite of the ruling they had no contract, so of course Canelo has to appeal the $8.5 million in damages. Immediately all talk of the Golovkin fight from Golden Boy ceased. Maybe they don’t want to risk a big fight until their appeal is heard. May also be gold in them Brit hills with Smith and Canelo both a family of boxers in the same general weight classes, so they could have a pretty lucrative family tourney together.

At any rate, Smith, who oddly seems to be prematurely graying at age 28, is undefeated and ranked like most Canelo opponents, 8th by Ring and 16th by boxrec. The original idea was to set up Canelo for Billy Joe Saunders WBO belt by having him defend it on the undercard, but this is boxing so back stabbers change the landscape daily. Saunders pulled out of the card, but the good news seems to be Golovkin working in cohoots to build up his share of the British market. However, we must also remember that Leoffler and Golovkin turned their backs and walked out of the arena after Canelo invited them into the ring after dispatching Khan. Not a very sporting gesture to promote their fight.

Then there is always the spector of Haymon settling Golden Boy’s $300 million lawsuit against him that might grease the path for Floyd Mayweather Jr coming out of retirement to exploit another PPV.  Canelo can add the 154 WBO title to his Ring middleweight belt as incentive on either side of the 154-160 divide for another megafight. Sad to say that makes far more money than the Golovkin fight, so logically, who could blame Canelo from keeping lucrative options open in these uncertain times for both Canelo and Golden Boy?

Nonetheless, we the unwashed masses do understand this is a dying professional sport that needs to take full advantage of any revenues generated, but at some point, like right about now, any of the fractional remaining good will that boxing may have had with fans has edged over into the red side of the ledger. The only way to rebuild boxing is do what the UFC did, that is to make compelling fights every fight cycle and build up fan base with easy to access terrestrial over the air networks and regular subscription cable channels.

And more importantly regarding the biggest current star in the sport, Oscar needs to stop trying to hammer the 26 year old Canelo like a square peg into the round PPV hole. Boxing has managed to effectively neuter their most lucrative business model from sheer greed in 2015 that has caused a serious backlash against PPVs and boxing in general. They might can pack Cowboy Stadium with favorable ticket prices, but this is not a traditional PPV fight, not even close. The resultant PPV numbers will only make boxing and Canelo(That would be Canyellow to his new detractors) look even worse, but of course boxing has too often proven to be irredeemably shameless, so it won’t matter to them since they don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves.

As to the fight, technically Beefy has 8 consecutive knockouts going into it albeit vastly inferior local competition. The best of those fighters was ranked 51st in the boxrec middleweight rankings a couple of weeks ago, and from there fighter rankings quickly digress, so Canelo with a huge advantage of being forged in the high heat of better competition and big favorite.

Stylistically, I’ve never seen Beefy fight, but he’s reputed to be an aggressive boxer type, so I suspect it will be bruising encounter between the two. Those Brits happen to have the most titleholders of any nation in the world now, so sneer at them at your own bloody risk.

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