Aaron Pryor~The Hawk Soars Into Valhalla

Reports of Aaron Pryor‘s demise are greatly exaggerated. Does anyone really think this man’s unquenchable spirit could ever be squelched so easily?

Hawk Time Comin' To Valhalla

Hawk Time Comin’ To Valhalla

No Sir, The Hawk has soared through the Gates of Valhalla like a firestorm, takin’ names for a good ol’ fashioned ass kickin’ like them ol’ timers ain’t ever seen before. All in fairplay of course. At the end of today, Valhalla’s gonna have a new champ lookin’ for new names.

Tex Rickard has promised him a date with Sugar Ray Leonard by hook or crook even if he has to drag him up there in chains. Payback for duckin’ The Hawk, it don’t get no better than that. And what time is it? My $$$ on Hawk Time time and time again!

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