The Eric & John Molina Underdog Factor

Forget about the Ring Divisional #1 and 2 divas, Eric Molina and John Molina represent the highest aspiration and noblest intent of the originators of the earliest boxing rules meant to clean up the outlaw, no holds barred nature of bareknuckle fighting that evolved into modern boxing.

These are effectively career journeymen who have fought hard and well, but fell short at the highest levels, but because boxing has so dishonorably self inflicted itself these many years, they are now contenders challenging 2 very strong champs fortified by their hometown setting. Eric goes against Anthony Joshua in Manchester, England, and John goes against Terence Crawford in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, tough tasks for even the best fighters to crack much less journeymen, but here we are.

So here’s atribute for all these journeymen who provide the fuel to keep boxing from further sinking in a down era where most fighters cannot support themselves on their poor earnings much less get proper training. I know Eric works as a teacher down in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas. Boxing fans should thank all these undersung heroes who are the true keepers of the eternal flame of the originators of boxing.

And remember folks, there have been bigger upsets than what these two represent, so hope always springs eternal.

Thank you Eric Molina

Thank you Eric Molina

Thank you John Molina

Thank you John Molina

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