Grizzled Aussie Green Eggs & Ham Grill Off~Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine

Danny Green, 35-5, 28 KO, tangles with arch enemy Anthony Mundine, 47-7, 27 KO, on Friday, Feb 3, @ Adelaide Oval, North Adelaide, South Australia.

Should be interesting by differing styles, sizes and advanced ages, Green being the older at 43 years as the bigger, more powerful slugger, and Mundine being the younger at 41 years as the anorexic, weaker, stinker style of boxer and personality. Supposedly he won’t be standing for the Aussie national anthem because of claims of Aboriginal heritage. Be interesting to see how the financials and public support end up being given Aussie welterweight Jeff Horn is likely to be fighting Filipino welter star Manny Pacquiao on these shores in one of the biggest Aussie fights in history.

First Fight

First Fight

Possibly the winner of Green/Mundine could advance to a minor world title shot, perhaps even in this fight given the plethora of belts floating around boxing these days. Supposedly the local Aussie Cruiser title is being defended by Green. For most of boxing, not many to care much about this bout. It’s more about Green and Mundine being the last of the top Aussie fighters of their eras with little to replace them save Horn, so there it is in a nutshell. 


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