Roy Jones Jr vs Bobby Gunn For WBF Marbles

Four-division world champion, and ring legend Roy Jones Jr, 64-9, 46 KO, laces them gloves up again on February, 17th, 2017, when he takes on former two-time world title challenger Bobby Celtic Warrior Gunn, 21-6-1, 18 KO, at the Chase Center, in Wilmington, Delaware.

They will scrap for the “vacant” WBF world cruiserweight title in yet another of what is growing somewhat popular “old man” fight. The combined ages of 48 year old Roy and 43 year old Gunn are a creaking 91 years old, a new world record perhaps?

Gunn is also the self proclaimed bareknucks champ of the world, ahem, 72-0, 72 KO or 73-0, 73 KO depending on the source, so I scarcely know where to begin. Perhaps this can be seen as the precursor to both Roy and MMA/UFC legend  Anderson Da Silva‘s long time desire for a fight since both are well beyond their primes now. Under which rules, I know not, but speculate a BKB match that both could be licensed with some overlap between boxing and MMA to even the playing field.

As to this Gunn fight, I’ll just let her lay to play for a “Tis what it is” moment in boxing with a big “OUCH” for emphasis!

197.4 vs 199

197.4 vs 199


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