Vasaly Lomachenko vs Jason Sosa

In spite of a thus far modest pro career record of 7-1, 5 KO, Vasyl Lomachenko as the touted next big star has the main players ducking him left and right in his two divisions which is why he fights Jason Sosa, a tough, yet unheralded contender @ MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland this Saturday, April 8th. Sosa, an American based in New Jersey, was the only one willing to step up to the scratch line in these fainthearted days of molly coddled boxers. The WBO World super featherweight title is the bauble up for grabs.

Lomachenko vs Sosa

Lomachenko vs Sosa

I don’t know much about Sosa other than he’s credited as a former “pizza chef,” has some power, looks to be a decent boxer, and seems tougher than most fighters. Going into this fight he also garnished Philly Fighter of the Year honors which tells us he’s got some big suits in his corner. Could be the photo, but looks like his left arm is 2″ shorter than is right arm however that calculates into the fight variables.

In the end, barring injury, it would appear another Lomachenko beatdown resulting in the knockout. Here he is in our era as one of the all time great boxers by credentials and natural attributes, yet boxing has become such a lesser sport that there is almost nobody to really challenge him, and most of those few fighters would rather fight someone else for a sure win than take a sure loss and look like a clown doing it…only in boxing!

On the undercard, his Ukrainian compatriot in cruiserweight trunks, Oleksandr Usyk, 11-0, 10 KO, fights another unheralded American contender in defense of his WBO title, Michael Hunter, 12-0, 8 KO. These two Ukrainians are the hottest thing going in boxing today as far as the deadly combination of dedication, talent, skills, and power, so most assuredly both will have to prematurely move up another division to make half decent fights and his money, but for now they are the headliners in America in a vastly weakened American era. Who’d have ever thunk American boxing would come down to such a low.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, though. They still have to prove it in the ring this go round, and that comes this Saturday. Bigger upsets than these two have happened, so let’s see it!


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