Anthony Josua vs Kubrat Pulev AKA Carlos Takam

Josh 19-0, 19 KO, was to defend against an long established challenger in Kubrat Pulev 25-1, 13 KO, but alas, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that, so now Josh and Carlos Takam, 28-3-1, 15 KO, are gonna tangle for his belts. That would be Saturday, October 28th in olde Wales in a surprise, Principality StadiumCardiff, probably due to this being a short notice replacement for Pulev that was orignally scheduled in England in a much bigger fight than this.

Joshua vs Takam

Joshua vs Takam

This storyline follows the traditional Arab warning of being careful for what you wish for. Now that Wladimir Klitschko retired after a truly epic fight with Josh to cap an incredibly long and productive HOF career as long wished for by his numerous critics, the heavyweight division is indeed finally bereft of credible contenders or champs save Josh who is an unrepentant Englishman. Oh dear, and a Boo-Hoo-Hoo for the few American fans who had looked forward to reclaiming their rightful birthright as American heavyweight champions, only to see their hopes dashed upon the rocks of their own ignorance of heavyweight boxing.

Oh sure, they got their prison tattooed WBC chump, Deyonce Wilder, who has scarcely surfaced but for every 5th blue moon to take on some fringe contender in a TBA, short notice fight buried deep in the mud flats of Alabamy for few bags of salted peanuts stakes. Their chump can’t draw flies to his fights in spite of the fragrant fetid whiffs of stink fanned out to the press and unadoring public by his promoter AKA “manager,” yup, you guessed it, Al Haymon.

I’ll be honest here in that 36 year old Takam is better than anyone Deyonce has defended against, but he is so outclassed by the concussive form Josh has been showing in his thus far short pro career, that lasting 4 rounds would be a stretch for Takam’s survival. Boxing has truly sunk to it’s lowest ebb in history when they can’t even field a credible contender for a dynamic young champ as Josh has proven to be. Josh compares favorably to the greats, but what if a great showed up at boxing’s doorstep today and there was nobody of any credibility to fight him?

Well, praise be to boxing’s grazing herds of boxing experts, here we are…

2 responses to “Anthony Josua vs Kubrat Pulev AKA Carlos Takam

  1. I’m bitter about the lack of competition at heavyweight, too, but I think you could say the same about other divisions. Even as deep as the talent goes at middleweight, you can’t really say there’s a standout, or even a pair of figthers who consistently provide exciting fights. Most people disagree, but I’ve rewatched Golovkin-Alvarez and it wasn’t anywhere near a great fight, much less an epic battle. Both guys played it safe. Just because they stand in one place and throw a haymaker every 5-10 rounds it doesn’t make them Pacquiao, Gatti, or Wepner. Both of them professed to be coming for the knockout, and neither really tried past the opening rounds. At least Wilder and Joshua go for broke (which, 20 years ago, all boxers were expected to do). I think when they do make that fight, which could be years down the road, it’ll be more competitive than you seem to think.

    Look at Junior Middle. Miguel Cotto? He’s done. Jarett Hurd? Never hurd of him. And Erislandy Lara, please, can somebody get him off primetime broadcasts? Just like Heavy, there’s only one real outstanding guy with an excellent record, and that’s Charlo, who is head and shoulders above every other guy with a belt in the division.

    What about Welter, you say? Deep division, for sure, lots of talent. Yet, who holds belts? Thurman and Spence. Admittedly, they’re both extremely talented and, maybe more importantly, entertaining. BUT: both of them combined have fought only a handful of guys with real skill. Spence is taking on Lamont Peterson next, and if you’ve seen his recent fights, you know that’s just pointless. And by the way, who’s the last “champ” at welter? Jeff Horn. That’s all you gotta say. He’s a champion in arguably the most competitive division in the sport.

    Hopefully, the cruiser tournament can add some spark to that division the way the Super Six did for the middles. Other than that, you just gotta spread your viewership around different divisions if you wanna catch a good fight. Not good, but it could be worse.


  2. — There is hope in the welter division now that Crawford is mandatory in the WBO, the fly in the ointment that of being a Arum fighter. Arum does keep his fighters busy against the best he can round up, but it will be at least a couple of years if ever before he faces Spence or Thurman.

    I wish I knew more about the Charlos to comment, but it’s hard to invest any precious time in them when their parents deliberately made it damn near impossible to keep their names straight.


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