Last Rated Boxrec Heavyweight for 2018 is…

The last day of the 2018 year saw the last heavyweight in the Boxrec database as Alexis Ralfael Castillo Sanchez of Santo DomingoDominican Republic, currently at #1258 with zero points accumulated.

Keep in mind boxrec ratings  change daily according to fight results being entered into the data base and tweeks to the complex formulae used for calculations. The Sanchez ranking has steadily shrunk this past week from 1262 to 1258 as the number of ranked fighters fall off from inactivity or retirement.   Conversely new fights could swell his last ranked ranking, but no matter, he’s remained on the bottom of the oceanic boxrec rankings like a 500 lb anchor, so Alexis Rafael Castillo Sanchez is it for now.

Of course, there are approximately 500 boxers over him with 0 points, presumably various fractional points accumulations below 0.5 rounded down to zero. With 41 bouts, the missing bout of his record being recorded as NC, shorthand for No Contest, Sanchez has accumulated on 73 rounds of experience for an average of 1.8 rounds per fight. The only noteworthy opponent he has fought is fringe contender of Puerto Rico, Carlos Negron, who knocked the 5-6 Sanchez out in the first round as typical of these kinds of encounters.

With a record of 0-40, 0 KO, bolstered with 36 KO losses, well, words may fail, but I can wish him the very best, and thank you for at least gloving up to make the scratch line. 



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