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Words Fail~Nevada Commish Bumbles To Stumble Into Bloodfest

Nah, this ain’t some sappy Texas Chainsaw Massacre remix for ghoulish teens, this the real life Nevada Commission Honcho Bob Bennett stumbling on the job into a cruel bloody pool of his own doing.

Lightheavy contender and former champion, Badou Jack, was in tough against new kid on the block, Marcus Browne, when the tragedy occurred in the 7th round, compounded when the ring doc, insert quack-quacks here; Albert Capanna, allowed the game Jack to fight on. With blood spurting everywhere on this international undercard to the Pacquiao/Broner fight, the needless carnage was beamed around the world for another horrific 6 rounds.

Referee Tony Weeks gave Jack a chance to retire with grace, but I gather neither he nor his corner would pull the plug, fighter retirement being routine in these situations to protect the fighters and boxing’s credibility. So, no one stood up for the health of Jack and that of boxing, least of all Honcho Bob Bennett, yet in this Vegas jurisdiction we can all recall bogus stoppages by the dozens based on tiny nicks or feather dusted punches. Perhaps a dyslexic function of this, the wealthiest and most corrupt commission in the world incapable of fairly officiating a boxing match when it counts the most?

No matter the splatter and gore, poor Browne managed to quell the natural disturbances to his own biologic system to literally gut out a decision.

Words may fail to give due justice to this gross negligence bordering on criminal, yet when the fighters are held to some of the highest, overbearing standards in the world as these officiating lucre siphoning hacks get free passes…well…only in boxing folks…

Super Senator Manny Pacquiao vs About Blown Billions Broner

Manny Pacquiao returns to the site of his worst robberies, MGM Grand in Vegas to glove up against Floyd TUE 50-0 Mayweather Jrs’ li’l buddy, Adrien Broner, Saturday, January 19th. 

MGM was also the site of the American debut of Manny when he took an IBF title challenge Lehlo Ledwaba on 2 weeks notice as a replacement where he notched a spectacular KO. He made $40,000 which goes a long ways in his native Philippines. Fast forward>>>>>> 18 years later empowered with $400 million in career earnings, the magic of being a free agent from Top Rank‘s Bob Arum enabled Manny to sign a “management” agreement with Al Haymon, Mayweather’s other, more convenient bigger buddy in the quest for “Mo’ Money Fraud” being planned with their ill advised rematch. Nobody but the Big Players who wager stupendously at these orchestrated Vegas events would ever wish to see a replication of their first fraud again. That farce generated over $300 million in lawsuits against the promoters and boxers, presumably all settled by now, but grossed around the $800 million mark though the actual numbers will remain hidden as is boxing’s way of business as well as the private court settlements.

Another factor in his choice to sign with Haymon is that Manny gets a platform to showcase his Filipino fighters’ debut, that of Jayar Inson, 18-1, 12 KO, who will battle in an eight-round TBA welterweight match, while Genisis Libranza, 17-1, 10 KO, takes on Nicaragua’s Carlos Buitrago, 30-4-1, 17 KO, in an eight-round flyweight match as the two fighters from Davao City, Philippines look to continue their respective win streaks.

In other standard fare going into this fight, yupsir, like a clock striking the midnight witching hours, Broner pulled yet another Boner to be cuffed, hauled off to jail, and then brought before a magistrate for a bail plea so he could go back to training camp. Insert perverted jokes about the fetish of being cuffed and hauled off to be confined with like minded miscreants instead of taking care of his half dozen children and baby mamas. This is the same guy threatening suicide while playing Russian Roulette not so long ago.

Meanwhile, this a sorta testimonial 40th birthday dinner for Manny attended by El Presidente Rodrigo Duterte whose job current Senator Manny is planning to run for upon the opening of that office.

All About Blown Billions never made Boner was lucky to scrape a draw in his last bout against Jessie Vargas where Boner was yet mullered again, so is he being finally cashed out by uncle Al who has spent a small fortune in legal expenses incurred in bailing him out from his happy go lucky thug life? The media is alleging 2, count’em, TWO pending sexual assault trials pending against him.

On paper this is an easy fight against a propped up Haymon fighter lacking no more than rudimentary boxing skills nor any ring generalship, but of course the paper still has to be laundered through the MGM-Haymon-Vegas gauntlet where anything goes. The Big Money set up was if TUE could get by the teensy Japanese Banty exhibition, and that he did in the most shameful fashion possible, so if Manny does the biz on Boner, then they “may” stage their Cinco de Mayo rematch that only Vegas suits and big shots are asking for.

Or not, after all, TUE going back on his word is legendary by now as him fighting the Japanese banty on New Years Eve instead of the Manny fight he promised fans and the press, and he came within a scaredy cat’s whisker of bailing on that fight.

The good news for fans and Manny is that Boner, for all his substantial flaws, at least comes to fight, the best sort of stylistic matchup Manny could hope for. The good news for Boner is the proverbial Ring curse of “experts”  who picked Manny in a 30 something landslide over one pick for Boner. Quien is mas macho?




WBC Institutes Dangerously Draconian Rehydration Limits

                  WBC El Gordo Presidente For Life

Fat Sulaimán Jr pulls an assassination drive by shackling fighters with the most draconian weighin rules ever devised in boxing history. Larded Couch Potato Slugs devising weight rules for hardened combat athletes, now wrap your sensibilities around that new reality.

Some 30 years ago the boxing medical community became belatedly alarmed when they finally figured out fighters did not have time to properly rehydrate for same day weighins on the date of the fight, a big DUH moment for these low browed suits populating boxing.

Old Weight scale measurements

Old Weight scale measurements

Thus with legal liabilities growing in the background, boxing moved to day before weighins that resulted in healthier fighters entering the ring. They also created the last of the “Junior” divisions that yields the current construct of 17 weight divisions from the less than 105 lb minimumweight to the open class 200 lb+ heavyweights. Subsequently boxing entered into a golden age of fighting legends with lucrative PPV deals raining down like manna from heaven, but alas, no such largess can last without ever more suits dipping into the honeypot that soon became so despoiled and soiled that the public fled for more honorable sports with more understandable rules and transparent scoring.

In addition to the 152 lb catchweight, the WBC also sanctioned the 165lb rehydration limit

Canelo forced down to 152 lbs turning blue

In addition to the 152 lb catchweight above, the WBC also sanctioned the 165lb rehydration limit to further handicap the bigger Canelo. In contrast, Floyd Tue 50-0 Mayweather has had a free reign with the WBC and USADA drug cartel. These folks are utterly shameless in the fashion they construct the rules that they flagrantly flout.

The new rules require the fighters to bounce their weights around even more over short 30 day time spans with 5 total weighins, a recipe for disaster as any competent weight physician can testify, and how many bounces would that be for a Canelo with over 50 pro fights had they been in place? My math shows over 250 severe bounces in weight for an otherwise healthy specimen…only in boxing folks!!!