REMATCH~Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs Juan Francisco Estrada

The bruising Wisaksil Wangek, aka Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, 47-4, 41 KO, puts his Ring P4P ranking and WBC junior bantamweight titles on the line against Juan Francisco Estrada, 38-3, 27 KO in an hotly anticipated rematch at the Forum in Inglewood, California this Friday, April 26th.

The combatants fought at the Forum last year when the Thai held off the hard charging Mexican former champion in an all action bout. Because of the dynamic intensity of that fight, both agreed to a rematch, and we the people agree.

Estrada is best known for his hard charging losses against then Ring P4P #1 Roman Gonzalez. Poor Roman unfortunately met up with a fighter he couldn’t beat in Sri, taking consecutive horrific beatings against the emerging Thai star. Perhaps Sri took a worse beating than even that when his long time girl who had been him through all their impoverished times suddenly abandoned him as he reached the pinnacle of the his division, leaving him adrift and anchorless in that dark, forbidding place that men in love with women know so well. He was so thoroughly immersed that he was unable to train to fight for an extended time, but he finally roared back for more good fights, and so here we are yet again locked and loaded in the fight queue.

Was it a curse or a blessing when Ring “experts” surprisingly picked Estrada by a 10-3 margin? Do they have inside information that we the public don’t know about? We’ll for sure find out this Friday night in compelling toe to toe action as two little banty cocks rock the Forum as only little banty cocks know how to do.

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