The Story of Dingo Red

“Red” came to me late in our lives by way of ye olde battle-ex who’s spent her post divorce life trying to give me things I don’t want.
Her sister found her off the highway with her throat slit some 4 yrs ago. A state trooper pulled over and offered to put a bullet in her head to put her out of her misery, but Saint Sis prevailed, got her doctored up, and gave her to the ex who had a yeller lab near the same age. Unfortunately they never got along well and the $600 vet bill to repair the gaping hole in the lab’s throat was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
My sons prevailed on me to save Red, so I reluctantly agreed expecting a wild beast that needed taming. Instead, I got a very sweet, stunning, 5 yr old Collie mix eager to romp who stays on alert 24/7, even when in repose. I’ve quite taken to her and have officially christened her as Miss Dingo Red Ribbons & Bows otherwise known as Dingo Red. She will look beautiful with red ribbons and bows around her neck this Christmas season.
Physically she looks a full sized rough Collie, just think Lassie the old TV star, but as a mix, she has something else that I’m trying to divine. Given her fighting acumen and the way she lowers on the prowl in the park, it’s like she’s a wolf or coyote. Her tail curls up over her spine when at alert, a perfect Siberian Husky replica, although Dingos have near the same attribute. Unlike a Collie where the ears are partially upright with a fold down at the top, she has one ear fully up, and the other fully down, a genetic conflict of breeds, perhaps a German Shepard trace.
Her head is also broader than a Collie and her coat not the classic fawn Collie color, but with a red tinge and without the huge mane collies have.
My son shot some video on his Iphone that I hope to post as a tube link in the coming weeks in addition to my 35mm snaps of her in action, patrolling the fence line, chasing squirrels and otherwise prancing around. Thing is, she is so quick and active that good shots have proven elusive since she’s gone before I can point to focus.  

So far she’s been a sweetheart, nary a nip at man nor beast, but she does have a bad habit of running up full tilt to dogs in the park bringing flashbacks of breaking up big dog fights when my Borzoi was attacked in days of yore. She pulls up quick though with tail wagging like crazy, but boy, she is superdefensive and superquick to jump back at any untoward movement towards her. 

Whew, I dodged having to break up a pitbull and a doberman just this week, so I pray her nonviolence streak will continue as she is socialized.
Not all roses though. She’s torn up my perimeter fence garden of green and purple wandering jews and knocks down sections of the dry stacked porcelin block wall in her lively patrols to upend squirrels, possums, coons and cats in no particular order. Her playful romps have torn up the grass some not to mention the bane of every dog owner, “Watch where you step buddy, it’s pooperscooper duty day.”
I think we’re reaching an equilibrium now that I’ve got her trained on and off the leash, so she’s settling down a little.
Anywhooo, it’s a great Christmas story, so there, now it’s told.






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  1. Great work over again! Thank you=)


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