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The 6-9 Tyson Fury Emerges From Hibernation vs Sefer Seferi?

The considerably self maligned and self abused Tyson Fury makes his return to boxing after his self imposed 3 year hibernation this Saturday, June 9th @ Manchester Arena (formerly M.E.N Arena), Manchester to defend his Gypsy honor and “Lineal” heavyweight title against a 39 year old Albanian listed on Boxrec as the 2nd rated Albanian cruiserweight, Sefer Seferi.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus, and also a Tyson Fury as you can see here:

Before seizing the unified heavy title from future record setting HOFer Wlad Klitschko in the pink of condition and fight ready at 260 lbs.

Fit and ready to FIGHT!

First title fight and he’s Fit and ready to FIGHT!
Aftermath is time for SANTA EATS and EATS and Pies and Kebabs and Boars and ready to ROLY POLY PUDDIN’N PIE @ 360 lbs GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE YUM YUM YUM!

twitter javascript:; @anthony_joshua boring hay! We see who is boring when U face me! A big bully is what you are u big dosser. Big femi your bully street name. I’ve seen your type many times. The man who can’t speak his own mind, the plastic Nigerian 🇳🇬 I’m more Nigerian than you! I’ll fly the flag for Nigeria when we fight. GYPSY MAN. Represents the world 🌎. Ali had words for a man like you, they were Uncle Tom.

Ahem, returning to a sense of decorum, Seferi is being dismissed as a cruiserweight who lost his last fight to the now WBA “Regular” champ Manuel Charr, but make no mistake folks, I reviewed that fight. This the 2nd ranked Boxrec Albanian dwarfed by modern heavies used ring movement and fast aggressive flurries to burn the Charr off Charr who simply got whooped badly. Thing is Seri is a nobody in boxing and there’s more money to be made propping up Charr, so there it is, the dirty underbelly of boxing.

The 6-9 Fury dwarfs modern heavies, so the fight has that comic ridiculous aspect to it, and it remains to be seen if Fury has enough skills left to catch up with this quick little ethereal waterbug, so the potential for Fury looking like a clumsy oaf is there waiting.

I predict Fury is looking for a nice, really fast handed, fleet footed spar and will adopt that early motivation, however, after running through a few gears and shaking off cobwebs, he lowers the proverbial (((BOOM))) Then we’ll be graced with more of the live action Tyson Fury juggernaut as he moves towards his big Anthony Joshua rumble in Merry Aulde England for both a King’s and a Queen’s ransom.


Terence Crawford Debut @Welter vs WBO Champ Jeff Horn


Terence Crawford in his full Welter debut will challenge the new Aussie WBO champ Jeff Horn for his title @ MGM GrandLas VegasNevada. That would be June 9th this Saturday.

Omaha vs Oz

Omaha vs Oz

Horn in a unique position of being extraordinarily highly ranked by dint of an extraordinarily dubious decision over Manny Pacquiao in down under topsy turvy land of Oz, so now he takes on a top 5 Ring and Boxrec rated P4Per in Crawford. He’s a big strong, exceedingly awkward lad being trained in a unique “Broken Rhythm” style that traditional boxers have difficulty in solving. He’s a taught fighter in the mold of Gene Tunney who was not a natural fighter like a Dempsey or Louis who only needed grooming. He’s a school teacher for crimony’s sake made good and national Aussie hero, but here he lands in the Oasis of Officiating Oafery, that of  Vegas whose transgressions are legion in history.

Not that the exceedingly talented Crawford really needs such help. Horn looks much like a lamb led to slaughter with Bud having a completely different style from Pacquiao who quickly solved Horn and delivered a beating only to lose a laughable decision. When Horn looks to impose himself, Bud will be boxing and sharp shooting on the back foot as he assesses the bigger, stronger, fighter. It may be sooner, or it may be later, but I figure Bud to finish what Manny came within a split hair of finishing, a knock out of undefeated Horn.

Regardless of which fighter wins in this Omaha vs Oz confrontation, guaranteed the winner will supplant long time P4P #1 Canelo Alvarez on Boxrec, a win, win for his critics. Welcome to boxing 2018 style…only in boxing!


Bobby Mac Updates the Scoring of Ken Norton vs Larry Holmes

OK now, we will be running smack dab into the 40th anniversary of the WBC title defense by Kenny Norton against Larry Holmes this June 9th, 1978, oddly coinciding with the date of the Holmes vs Gerrie Cooney fight 4 years later that you can review here:

Holmes vs Norton was a showcase of different stylistic skills clashing in a good fight, but perhaps not a great fight in that neither fighter was hurt badly though Holmes got hit flush with a perfect right hand shocker and Norton sustained a minor cut over his left eye. Without revealing the result that most boxing fans already know, I will suspend that result for now so that new fight fans may judge for themselves by my round by round description with my final score and analysis of the fight and official scores.

The fight was held @ Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the premium fight venue of the day. What happened to fights at Caesars? I can’t recall the last fight there, probably in the 90s. This fight was held in an indoor, climate controlled venue with the crowd cheering the entrance of both fighters, belying that Norton was a popular icon by then and Holmes relatively unknown. The fans were a happy bunch probably because of good ticket prices additionally padded out by freebies. OK, a sad disclaimer to the broadcast that I listened to was announced by Fat Bob Sheridan still early in his career, and he did not disappoint my expectations, nary a single moment of silence, presumably during the whole of the broadcast. I say presumably, because as much as I wanted, indeed needed to listen to the resounding acoustics of flush punches landing that add much insight into how momentum shifts in a good fight, they sadly become background noise to the nonstop blast of irrelevant garbage dumps of verbiage that Sheridan became well noted for, so I was forced to mute him early to concentrate on the fight.

Before I shut him down, Fat Bob did make himself useful in coming up with a little jewel I knew nothing about. Norton was obviously the substantial betting favorite, but the last few days saw a surge of betting on Holmes who had yet to beat a top 10 fighter as Norton was. All that really needs to be added was that, cough, cough, YES Virginia, you were right! Don King was the promoter.

Mills Lane was the referee who saw little action since the fight was fought almost entirely within the rules with few clinches. Watching Norton warm up was like watching an Olympic decathlete champ that by potential he could have been but for the fates shifting his life to boxing where he made much acclaim. He placed 2nd as I recall in the early Superstars athletic competition ostensibly designed to measure overall athletic ability against a Who’s Who list competitors drawn from a dozen professional sports. Well done Kenny!

Rd 1: 10-10 Even/ Norton opens with the first punch, a jab and spars/jabs with Holmes in reverse jabbing. They pic some shots and exchange a few shots working their defenses for all they could. Good opening round with plenty of action even if nothing was of a telling nature.

Rd 2: 10-9 Holmes/ Norton jab and spar. Holmes pic shots and jab and then Right. Norton with body shots and Holmes in reverse. This moment would prove to be the overriding theme of the fight. SHUT UP FAT BOB SHERIDAN-this the moment I muted the fool. Shame that but it had to be done or I would’ve put my fist through the screen and done it manually.

Rd 3: 10-10 Even/ Some opening back and forth exchanges. Good pace, but both pic now. Big Norton Left to the body.

Rd 4: 10-9 Norton/ Norton with 1-2. Holmes in reverse while jibberjabbing flickers. Norton slip Holmes’ punches to land a beautiful counter left. Both pic now with some exchanges with Norton hooking Holmes. Even fight on my cards thus far with not much between the fighters to chose from.

Rd 5: 10-9 Norton/ Both pic shots. Norton Left to body, then Right and Big Right causing Holmes to clinch. Norton Right, a very busy fight at distance. Norton slow combination lands and Holmes in reverse dancing.

Rd 6: 10-9 Norton/ Holmes starts in reverse while Norton is very busy. Norton Left and then big flurry and more, cutting the ring off and taking it to Holmes. Nobody hurt yet, but Holmes dances around firing empty jabs to cater to the crowd and judges in his Ali imitation. Best round so far and all Norton.

Rd 7: 10-9 Norton/ Norton press forward jabbing. Good stuff and then Right/Left to body. Holmes dance. WTF? How can you win a fight just dancing and prancing around? Holmes nothing while Norton is steady to his body. No sharpness in Holmes at all.

Rd 8: 10-9 Norton/ Exchange favors Holmes, but Norton presses to send Holmes on the run. Norton solid work exchanging with Holmes against the ropes.

Rd 9: 10-9 Norton/ Norton pressing with Holmes in reverse, near most of the fight thus far. Both pic shots, but big Norton Right clearly shakes Holmes, and then another. Holmes forced into a fight.

Rd 10: 10-9 Norton/ Odd that the rest periods always show Norton in his corner, I’d gather because nobody knows Holmes, so what fans would want to bother with him? Holmes dancing and flickering while Norton landing solid shots. Holmes runs while Norton steady shots as she goes.

Rd 11: 10-9 Norton/ Norton with minor cut over Left eye, no biggie. Holmes pic his jab as Norton steadily presses. Norton Left/Right hooks. Holmes runs and dances. What the fight is showing thus far is that Norton has the Ali style down pat. Holmes to the ropes as Norton straffs.

Rd 12: 10-9 Norton/ Norton has proved to keep a good pace and in great shape. Holmes jabs, but Norton with solid attack to put Holmes on the run. Norton big rights. Holmes still game, but no arsenal to fight back with. Norton in control of the ship, steady as she goes captain.

Rd 13: 10-9 Holmes/ Norton press while Holmes game, but in reverse with empty exchange. Holmes Right and another. Good exchange now with Norton coming back, but Holmes really lets loose, yet Norton continues to pressure him. Holmes best round and maybe the overall best round of the fight thus far.

Rd 14: 10-9 Norton/ Holmes pic shots as both look tired now. Good exchange favors Norton with Holmes in reverse. Norton steady work. Now teeing off as Holmes looks drunked out. Could almest be scored a 10-8 round for Norton, but they both started very tired.

Rd 15: 10-9 Norton/ Touch gloves as is tradition for the last round. Norton Right and then another and stays busy. Holmes Right, but in reverse. Norton traps Holmes on the ropes. Holmes game with a good chin and offers up flurry, but Norton still punching away.

Final bell tolls, so I turn the volume back up to hear Fat Bob say the fight is too close to call. Hah, not on my cards. Fat Bob also says Holmes camp is in celebration proves they think they won. Ah so, not so fast Fat Bob. Ever consider the Holmes camp is celebrating that he survived a fight he was clearly getting pummeled in? Norton in the more professional camp shows no distress at all. Real pros don’t celebrate premature wins though perhaps that has changed for the worse, that of needing to put on a cheap show of bravado for the judges, and whoever wins that contest wins the fight as opposed to the actual judging of the fight.

Official scores Holmes 143-142 x 2 and Norton 143-142, a single spare point split decision win for Holmes out of the total of 855 total points cast by the 3 judges, or a 0.0012 % margin of victory if you want to contemplate the utter ridiculousness of the fight business’ 10 point must system.

My scores by rounds were Norton 11-Holmes 2-Even 2 that tranlates by 10 must math into 148 for Norton and 139 for Holmes, a wide win for Norton. Now if I allow my Even rounds to be for Holmes that I use to better understand the duplicity of boxing and the usual disputes that this fight generated since Norton official won over 1 of the 3 total judges, that gives a closer fight, 146 for Norton and 141 for Holmes. Why am I so off by the official scores you might ask? I refer you to the big late money surge on Holmes, something that is always suspicious by bookies, often causing them to stop taking money on bets to insure that if a fight is fixed, they don’t take too bad a financial loss. Boxing as a shady business is what it is with Don King the former numbers runner for the mob and convicted murderer more or less running, or ruining that era of boxing as some might further claim.

There was no big money rematch that the public clamored for. Instead Don King spewed out his usual nonsensical non sequiturs of grandiosity. When push finally came to shove, King instead pulled his bait and switch to serve up the public the tasty farce of Alfredo Evangelista, probably due to Norton seriously tearing Holmes up in their fight requiring surgery and rehabilitation, a torn bicep ominously being mentioned, likely why Holmes spent so much time on the run.

Norton’s purse was $2.3 million and Holmes’ was a paltry $300,000 that reflected his relative nonexistence in the fight biz of his previous 7 years as Muhammad Ali’s apprentice. I keep hearing how it was a great fight, but there wasn’t much ebb and flow from round to round. The much older and more shopworn Norton kept steady pressure on the younger, fresher Holmes to put him in reverse for a large majority of the fight when Holmes was not dancing like some kind of tamed bear at a circus. Hay-Ho, maybe that’s just stubborn ol’ me afflicted by my traditional diehard boxing oversight I grew up in, the only reason I took up writing to begin with.

The fighters and the fans weren’t always getting a fair shake, so I meant to document boxing from a brief insider point of view voluntarily moving to outsider’s point of view since the mainstream boxing media wouldn’t, or more probably couldn’t much like the tabloid mainstream press of today. In this example on the official cards, I feel Norton was robbed, not only of his title, but most certainly of his deserved lucrative rematch that the public clamored for…only in boxing folks.


Bobby Mac Updates the Larry Holmes vs Gerrie Cooney Rd by Rd Scoring

Folks, there is no great milestone imperative here, but in 11 days we are coming up on the 36th year anniversary of Larry Holmes vs Gerrie Cooney on June 11th, 1982, so why am I bothering with this article you might ask?

Well, to cut to the chase, I was challenged to provide my scoring on a boxing forum after I noted the official scores at the time of the Holmes stoppage of Cooney showed that Holmes had been out boxed on the cards, only saved by the late low blow histrionics of Cooney as he fatigued in a grueling fight far beyond his previous experience.

Yeah, I know. Heresy to the usual non-engaged, historically uninformed suspects, so I took up the challenge to further the development my scoring improvements of the regretable 10 point must system that was birthed in the complete non transparency of the crooked fight biz.

I must also confess to being game to review what I remembered had been a good fight of natural rivals back in the day, only this time score it according to modern updated rules massaged with my own little changes that allows me to see the source of most every controversial scoring decision in boxing, and I was not disappointed. The fight was a great one of traditional boxing give and take of two game fighters, and my scoring uncovered the perception I had ascertained from the official scores. Boxing is the only of what used to be a major sport with incomprehensible officiating, so if it is to survive without going underground in today’s market, which is how the various MMA franchises started, it has to become transparently removed from the incoherency of smoke and mirrors and various fogs of current deceptions that have driven away boxing’s loyal aficionados. And since boxing’s demographic is aging, boxing simply ain’t replacing the dying numbers with a new young cadre of fans.

Because of the racist Great White Hope promotional overtones of Don King, a convicted murderous felon who was the primary instigator of this fight, that and too many other crooked hijinks eventually led mainstream TV to abandon their weekly boxing format. The FBI had snipers stationed on every surrounding rooftop in case of trouble between black and white nationalists bolstered by what,  triple  or quadruple security? Never a good thing for a fighter to be backed by the KKK, so Cooney had a lot of strikes against him before ever entering the ring, not the least of which was over two years of virtual inactivity as many have noted in a still budding career.

A still young Larry Merchant intones the fight is racial, not racist, and uses his cohost, the then still shiny, blemish free, Olympic Gold Medalist Sugar Ray Leonard as his fulcrum to that point. Youngish Mills Lane is the ref looking teensy, but hey ho, years later he thumped Bernard Popkins out of the ring to bust his ankle to make him squall like a slapped schoolgirl, so Mills had some gravitas.

Note: I score fights using modern scoring of the highly belabored 10 point must system of padded out nonsensical points making fights look like basketball scores instead of the single point, round by round deductions that they really are. Since every other big fight is disputed results because of the lack of transparency and integrity of boxing, I mean sometimes these clowns can’t even add up their own scores, I add my own modification of scoring really close rounds EVEN. All other sports record “Even” periods of non-scoring  of the competition, and I have found that in most all disputed fight scoring, the disputed winner is usually the hometown/money fighter winning by the even rounds I score. That explains the perception that the other fighter actually won because he won most of the “big” obvious rounds, whereas the actual winner won all the dinky “even” rounds for a dinky disputed win…only in boxing!

RD1- 10-10 Even/ Spar to start. Lar busy with nonthreatening jab as Cooney feints and stalks. A booming right to the body knocks Lar into the ropes, the first KnockDown under modern rules, but I’m not scoring KDs into the ropes because modern refs are so subjective about it, and back in the day it wasn’t a rule. Cooney some thudding Left hooks to the body as Holmes sharpens his jab, a typical feeling out round on the way to a great fight that we hope for.

RD2- 10-8 for Lar/ Lar dance and jab. A Cooney LHK to body and some 1-2s with booming Left to finish. Lar still busy with jab, but a flashing Right KDs Cooney in a sorta of Ali’s KD of the spiraling Foreman in Zaire. Cooney quickly up but soon reeling into ropes as the round ends. Certainly not the early finish Cooney is used to.

Note: they didn’t score 10-8 automatic KD rds back in the day. This my modern addition to better understand outcomes of classic fights since knockdowns have always influenced judging that might include bleed over to subsequent rounds.

RD3- 10-9 for Cooney/ Cooney busy with Lefts as Lar jabs in reverse. Cooney pics more clean power shots. Good comeback from the KD.

RD4- 10-9 Cooney/ Lar still in reverse as Cooney pics. Lar Left and big Cooney LHK to body and then jabs with combo at bell

Left Hook via Air Mail

Left Hook via Air Mail

RD5-10-9 Cooney/ Lar flicker jab in reverse as Cooney drives him further back and busy. Cooney R to body before exchanging with Cooney L to body as Lar dance and jab.

RD6- 10-9 Lar/ Lar on move jabbing. Big Cooney R and jabs well to move Lar in reverse jabbing. Announcer Tomkins says both are hurt now and I agree. Exchange and now Cooney really hurt, but the bell sounds.

RD7- 10-9 Cooney/ Lar jabs as Cooney combos Lar in reverse. Cooney a cut Left eye, but goes to town on Lar.

RD8- 10-9 Cooney/ Exchange jabs. Cooney LHK body as Lar in reverse. Cooney L body and then combo, but then Lar combo in the back and forth. Cooney Rights and then Lar attack causes Cooney to spit his gumshield, I’d guess to breath better. Exchange ends with Lar in reverse gear. It was speculated in advance that Cooney didn’t really know how to fight or box, but he seemed to relish the action of his first true professional fight he was in after notching all those blowouts.

Sometimes guys just want to have fun

Sometimes guys just want to have fun

RD9- 10-9 Cooney/ Cooney stalks Lar who jabs in reverse. Cooney Left to body and Lar Right. Cooney combo then Right/Left to body. Lar Right and another Cooney Combo. Cooney deliberate low Left uppercut and time called. I found out later Mills may have deducted a point, but it wasn’t obvious and none of the announcers mentioned it in the moment, so I end up deducting those low blows at the end of the fight. At least one replay shows Lar pulling Cooney’s head down which might explain at least one of the final tally of 3 low blow deductions. A fighter should not be deducted when his opponent deliberately pulls him down to result in a low blow, that’s bad defense anyway you cut it, but it happens all the time in boxing who can never keep their rules straight but for the odd cleanly fought bout which this mostly was save for the low blows.

Rd10- 10-9 Cooney/ Lar jab and 1-2. Cooney Left at beltline, then a Right. Who ever said Cooney was one handed? They lied big time! Now Lar hurt and tired as Cooney pics shots. Big Exchange and Lar in reverse at the bell as usual.

RD11- 9-9 Even/ Cooney deducted for low blow, the only obvious deduction by Mills. Lar in reverse recovery as Cooney drives him back. Lar Right but then Ref warns Cooney for low blow seemingly on the beltline, another deduction? Hard to say. Both pic at each other to finish, but Cooney shots more telling and booming.

Rd12- 10-10 Even/ Lar dance and attack. Cooney with Left as both pic at each other. Lar gets busy to mix up some punches. but big Cooney L and then body combo to close.

RD13- Cooney trainer Vic Valle says rough Lar up when the round starts. Outside temperature has dropped from 100F to 89F, and surprisingly Cooney has thus far remained fresh well past where he has ever been before. Exchange and then Cooney Left knocks Lar off and then body combo. Good stuff, but then Lar Right and then more Rights before opening up on Cooney who is trying to exchange, but is now hitting the legendary “Wall” dreaded in long distance track events when your body starts to fail in fatigue. He falls clumsily back, sagging into the ropes as Mills stops fight to mixed cheers.

Both give kudos to the other in a seeming acknowledgement of their great fight waged. Amazingly there is no apparent racial animosity within the arena that I could detect, but of course if a fight breaks out in the seats the networks aren’t going to cover it because they are usually quickly broken up. It was a proud night for the common folks in America to witness such a polarizing event so successfully pulled off with no ill feelings afterwards.

My tallied score by rounds with only the one point deduction is Cooney 7-Lar 2 with Even 3. That translates to 116-112 for Cooney at the stoppage. Now if I deduct the two low blows I missed, it’s 114-112 for Cooney. Now, if I give Holmes the 2 of my hometown even rounds, remember my 3rd even round Cooney would have won but for a low blow deduction that was easily apparent, OK, it gets a little complicated here, but I believe my math sound, it’s 112-112 for a draw, only needing to move a single point on the abacus of their ledger to match the two of the official cards of 111-113.

Viola! I’ll take no stick whatsoever for my scoring and my observation that Holmes needed those legitimate low blow deductions to win the fight if it went to a decision. In regards to the low blow strategy of Cooney, I would think the first and most obviously deliberate low blow was probably instruction to Cooney by Valle in what was turning into the toughest fight Cooney ever fought. The later low blows seemed more beltline subjective ref calls. Big George later finished Cooney off post haste as a point of comparison…just rubbin’ it Lar, just rubbin’ it in for some good sport!!

C’est la vie d’un boxeur…



Double Olympic Gold Vasyl Lomachenko vs El Nino de Oro Jorge Linares

Vasyl Lomachenko jumps yet another weight class in a gold mining dispute to tackle the most accomplished lightweight currently standing, Jorge Linares @Madison Square Garden, New York, New York this Saturday, May 12th. The double Olympic Gold Medalist Lomachenko last fought in the most accomplished fight by amateur credentials in the history of boxing when bout against another double Olympic Gold Medalist that turned into an humiliating rout against the now badly humiliated Guillermo Rigondeaux.

As the 30 year old Lomachenko, 10-1, 8 KO moves up through the divisions, it is inevitable that bigger, stronger, highly skilled fighters will be harder to topple. I expect this fight to be as Lomachenko’s most difficult fight yet next to his ill fated dirty title debut to the crooked underbelly of boxing’s well known dirty dealings against Orlando Salido. The 32 year old El Nino de Oro Linares, 44-3, 27 KO is no where near as dirty a fighter as Salido, but when punches start flying as Lomachenko establishes his dominance, sometimes a well timed wayward low blow has been known to reset the momentum.

Yeah, true enough on paper the Linares professional career record dwarfs Lomachenko in what would normally be a mismatch, more than 4x the victories, but you can toss away the record book with Lomachenko. He breaks all the known limits of the boxing universe to reset time and space in the most incredibly dominant performances anyone has ever seen from an 11 fight pro against some of the top fighters of his generation. Linares’ combination of size and speed and movement will perhaps puzzle him the first few rounds, but from then on I expect the fight to be all Lomachenko’s way whether be uninamimous decision or retirement by Linares.

Linares best bet is the curse of the “Ring Expert” pics of 19-1 for Lomachenko…yeah right! Boxing experts: Can’t live with ’em and could do very well without them mucking up the already fetid waters. The fighter who executes his style the best wins in the perfect world that Lomachenko inhabits, but if Linares watched the Salido fight empowered with the dirty ref, well, nobody does ugly better than boxing, so let’s find out when these furious fists of gold start flying with bad intentions.


Skouser Tony Bellew vs Skynt David Haye~Bell & End Coming Together Again~Part III

Oh dear, it’s Play it again Sam time for Skouser Tony Bellew vs Skynt David Haye~Bell & End Coming Together Again, Part III scheduled at the O2 in London just like the first, only this time May 5th during Cinco de Mayo celebrations for the Americas, but not in Merry Aulde England.

Their first little snit fit had been prematurely kicked off two months early when the skynt Haye became overwhelmed by the immensity of their 1st prefight pressor and let fly ye olde sucker punch. Skouser Bellew giggled, shook it off, and lectured the skynt Haye for his lack of professionalism.

Call it a NWS Newspaper Win for Bellew, or an an ND No Decision in the unofficial books, neither result counting on their records. And of course in the real fight, Bellew not only humiliated skynt Haye with ring craft, but damn near knocked him out of the bleeping ring for the KO, a spectacular ending. As Bellew predicted, skynt Haye proved to be “A Broken Man.”

This will be is the 4th installment of the skynt Haye’s celebrity boxing reality show after coming back from the ignominy of yet another long retirement looking to make some easy money, but this time with skynt Haye and skouser Bellew both unranked in both Ring and Boxrec because of mutual inactivity. Remember though Bellew had a much higher rankings over skynt Haye in their first fight who Bellew called a “broken man.”

I am always fond of remembering my favorite skynt Haye farce here that made him ooodles of money along with howls of derision.

Lead up to first fight here near the same as this time with Haye playing mum this go round:

Bellew is still the true fighter here that the skynt Haye used to be. Skynt Haye in his celebrity comeback has yet to face a Ring ranked heavyweight, a streak several years in the making, and we have yet to know if skynt Haye’s little pinky toe is up for this rubber match, yet we shall soon see what we shall soon see and amen to that.

A Move to Plan B~Gennedy Golokin vs Vanes Martirosyan & Cecilia Too!

Gennady Golovkin , 37-0-1, 33 KO moves to Plan B after aborting the Canelo Alvarez rematch, instead fighting with Vanes Martirosyan, 36-3-1, 21 KO this Saturday, May 5th, the Cinco de Mayo weekend @StubHub Center, Carson, California. This fait accompli of an abortion was greatly assisted by the BALCO Victor Conte/VADA drug testing cartel, the Bob Bennet run Vegas commish cartel, and the tabloid boxing press bolstered by antisocial media monkeys, the perfect combination of storms slowly strangling boxing into a death spiral.

Vanes is a longtime 154 lb contender who will have had 6 weeks preparation as one of the host of contenders that Golovkin finally picked. It’s only a single division up the ladder as a mature, experienced fighter, but he has already fought over the 154 limit several times before, so it ain’t the big deal the antisocial media monkeys are making out. He’s a very competitive boxer/puncher type who is certainly not the rollover that the usual loutish critics make him out to be. This will be a hotly contested fight because Vanes really does come to fight and not to spoil, but of course that could change once Golovkin pounds on him enough rounds.

The wild card in play is that titanium superman Golovkin may be feeling the mortality of his age, 36 years, after his last couple of fights where his magnificent knockout streak ended against highly skilled champions Daniel Jacobs and Canelo. Of the two, Canelo was the first opponent I’ve seen to consistently drive Golovkin into a back foot retreat with his combinations. The other wild card in play is boxing’s dirty little secret, that of Golovkin being enrolled in the WBC VADA run “Clean Boxing Program” with convicted felon, BALCO Victor Conte providing his superduper BALCO PED’s SNAC vitamins, just a pitifully horrendous modern atrocity to a sport that more and more lacks transparency and credibility. And just as bad, Vanes, age 32, though not enrolled in the program, yet is clearly marketing BALCO Vic’s superduper SNAC PEDs.

Vanes has some power, but perhaps not the Canelo kind of power, but then he was perhaps a weight drained long and lean physiotype at 154, so doubtless will gain power and strength at 160, but can it ever be enough against the relentless power pressure fighting style of Golovkin?

That’s why they make the fights they do, so inevitably we get to find out. One thing about Golovkin fights that ensure a fairly officiated fight is that he has no need to rely on the American style of dirty spoiling, stinking type of fights that get taken to the cards for controversial decisions and has no need to referee intervention to protect him.

I predict a mid rounds knockout for Golovkin, but hey, I like any in this most historic of all the professional sports have been wrong before, so I’ll leave it to the fighters to sort out my prediction. More importantly by my credo, may the best man win, a result too often lacking in boxing these days because of poor and/or incompetent officiating.

On the undercard, The First Lady of Boxing, Cecilia Braekhus makes history with not only her American debut, but with HBO also using her stunning record and striking looks to compel the first ever HBO broadcast of a female boxing match. Her record is currently being 32-0, 9 KO in her 23rd consecutive title bout of every female boxing belt known to mankind. Or translated another way, that’s about 70% of her entire career.

Miss Cecilia

Miss Cecilia

Cecilia going casual

Cecilia going casual

As I often mention, I never have not nor never will watch female boxing, but nonetheless I have the utmost respect for Cecilia’s achievements that have made her the greatest female champion in history. And to think she started her first two years in an Colombian orphanage before being adopted by her parents, well, I’m humbled beyond belief. Any boxer regardless of sex should note the utter devotion to boxing and beyond belief class she exudes,The First Lady of Boxing indeed!


An Irish Rhapsody~Carl Frampton vs Nonito Donaire

Carl Frampton vs Nonito Donaire is loaded in the queue and ready for firing this Saturday, April 21st @The SSE Arena, Belfast, Ireland.

As far as any of today’s fighters of note, these are of the more soft spoken, well mannered of champions, so they let their fists do their talking for them in the ring. Donaire, now 38-4, 25 KO was a long time Ring P4Per before suffering a few setbacks. Both have separated from high profile trainers and managers that brought them to the pinnacle of boxing’s greatest success. Frampton, 24-1, 14 KO and now age 31, can still be seen in the last years of his prime in spite of his only loss, a recent competitive setback against Leo Santa Cruz, but it’s hard to know how much heart he has invested in the sport after his somewhat traumatic separation from his longtime mentors, the great HOFer Barry McGuigan and his son Shane.

Donaire, who will turn 36 this year, has looked somewhat lethargic and clueless at times to take a couple of losses since his separation from HOF quality trainer Robert Garcia and switching his management to his new wife. This also coincided with his release of the infamous BALCO Victor Conte as his personal nutritionist, something that could be seen as suspicious in this era of performance enhancing drugs, but then he enrolled in voluntary year round testing by VADA, so maybe his uncle Vic is still providing him with special shakes designed to pass VADA screening. Who can say in the crooked world of drug testing yielding infinitely infinite nanograms of results for nanogram boxing expert IQs to froth and gnash teeth about.

Yeah, I know, boxing can never get their reputations out of the gutter because of the seedy, corrupt way the sport is run. It was always the individual great fighters who lifted the sport to keep it alive, and now the fighters are getting shafted with cancelled bouts and extra expenses of the criminally negligent drug testing cartels who can no more pass their own tests than the man in the street can. The net result being any of the really good fighters need high powered, ethically sound nutritionists supervising their diets year round in some cases going beyond that of a training camp.

So, in a fight between two somewhat damaged fighters in a grossly mismanaged, damaged sport, I’m going against the hometown odds that favor Frampton to pick Donaire. Frampton has recently gone on a splurge of tattoos that suggest something of a hurt, fragile inferiority complex after his separations from the McGuigans, If nothing else Donaire still has his formidable power not to mention his higher level experience if he can just get his mind set properly on this fight.

And oh my stars, it’s gonna be well lubricated Lions and Tigers and Bears in that Belfast crowd roaring away Saturday night. Good luck gentlemen and may the best man win.

Donaire vs Frampton

Donaire vs Frampton


Heavyweight Unification~WBA/IBF Anthony Joshua vs WBO Joseph Parker

Coming up on the boxing rails like two head on locomotives colliding, Anthony Joshua, is the favorite in his home country going against a Samoan interloper out of the former British Commonwealth of New Zealand down under in the Oz hemisphere, Joseph Parker, this Saturday, March 31st @ Principality StadiumCardiff, Wales.

There it is, the top fight that could be had thus far in this new year of 2018 and likely the top fight by the end of the year the way the derelict Nevada State Athletic Commission has been neutering themselves in their unholy quest to control boxing by emasculating the sport through bogus drug testing.

By the numbers, the 28 year old Joshua, 20-0, 20 KO can be seen as the modern immaculate holy conception of perfection save for the irrefutable fact that he is thankfully quite human and modest in his bearing of his considerable accomplishments.

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The 26 year old thick necked Parker, 24-0, 18 KO is just now starting to mature as one of the new age of supersized heavyweights, yet still a bit more modest than the 6-6 foot tall Joshua at only 6-4 in stature, but by the first bell, we’re talking about a collective 500 pounds of pure muscle, bone, and heart tangling up in a never say die bout for this year.

The only fly in the ointment of this magnificent fight for the ages is the dirty overseer of the BBB of C and it’s drug testing apparatus that has fallen into utter disrepute over the Tyson Fury debacle. A more pathetic combination of stupidity, incompetence, and filth could not be found save in American jurisdictions of Las Vegas and New York City.

Joshua is rightly the modestly large favorite in the modern betting culture at something like 6-1, but the boxing press has been rumbling about large numbers of Brits putting their money on Parker, an indication of what, I’m not even sure the gaming houses can account for.

No matter, I expect a high end fight that sees both fighters run through all their substantial gears, and hopefully a fight to bookmark that moment where we were in our collective memories, not that I expect such an ideal outcome to immediately improve the reputation of boxing. That looks to be taking at least a decade of steady progress that may not even occur, but for now in our immediate moment, it’s Best vs Best Heavyweight Sweepstakes Showdown for dominance…Enjoy…


English Dillion Whyte vs Aussie Lucas Browne

Englishman Dillian Whyte defends his WBC Silver Heavyweight title against Aussie Lucas Browne for the unofficial Commonwealth title at The O2 in London, March 24. The 29 year old Whyte last beat the inactive, comebacking former contender Robert Helenius, so no surprises to see him as the #1 ranked WBC heavyweight with their WBC champion ducking him to take on an old man on blood pressure medication.

Boxing has been in a slow soak of the steaming hot mess they have made of their sport for a number of years now, just a pitiable oversight of the sport in total disrespect of the majority of honorable boxers only wanting fairly officiated matches in a fairly run sport and rabid fans only wanting the same.

Ain’t no chance in Hell that will happen in my lifetime except for occasional exceptions, so we the fans are gonna have to die and go to Valhalla to see the best face the best in a fairly run sport.

The WBC champ, Deyonce Wilder makes peanut purses fighting TBA journeymen setups compared to the tens of millions former champ Mike Tyson made for every fight that the real Heavyweight champ, Anthony Joshua, now commands in England. The whole world knew who Mike Tyson is, but it’s debatable if 50% of Deyonce’s hometown of Tuscaloosa know who he is. No matter, the winner of Whyte vs Browne is the WBC mandatory challenger to his peanuts purse.

Browne is undefeated, 22-0, 22 KO, as the former interim WBA champ after having been caught in the vise of the incompetent drug testing cartels for some infinitesimally tiny drug infraction of disputed results. He has some size and strength over Whyte, 22-1, 16 KO, who is hardly a wilting flower, but their different boxing styles and fighting mentalities, Browne being more the traditional upright style and Whyte more the awkward slugger style, make this one of the better fights that could be found in the division…Hallelujah…