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Tyson Fury Fight With Derek Chisora Scratched!

Poor Tyson Fury must be bemoaning the pitiable state of Britain’s top heavyweights when The Fates killed his third big splashy payday in the last week of preparations when training camps are supposed to be winding down.

So The Legend of Tyson Fury grows when his touted rivals can’t even make it through their training camps, Chisora with broken hand and Mr. Pinky Toe Haye with ongoing pinky toe malfunctions requiring surgery or rest. Fury has even started to sense something amiss in advance in his twitters:

“Don’t even think of pulling out of this fight bitch. Don’t do a @mrdavidhaye & be a s**thouse c**t. You’ll be a laughing stock.”

It’s awfully late to round up a replacement, but plenty of British journeyman around for Fury to vent his frustration on that would at least pay his training camp expenses like former contender and Oympic Gold Medalist Audley Harrison who started training and is in need of a fight or the hapless American Malik”Have Passport-Will Travel” Scott who recently graced British shores and other foreign locales for the expressed purpose of getting beat up for a paycheck.

Don’t know what it is with these soft lads they got boxing these days getting injured in their last days of training when physiologically they are supposed to be winding down and doing the fine tuning. Or maybe it’s the cavemen trainers who don’t understand the subtleties needed to compete at a high level. Old timers didn’t used to have these brutal extended training camps out of the necessity of needing to fight several times a year. Much better to have lots of fights with short training camps than to have long training camps and risk having no fight at all. Fighting keeps fighters in better fighting shape than training camps, but you can’t tell folks who endlessly attempt to pound square pegs into round holes anything.

Oh, well, such is the current British state of boxing. The rest of the card goes on albeit in greatly dwindled attendance of what was supposed to be a big stadium fight.