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Words Fail~Nevada Commish Bumbles To Stumble Into Bloodfest

Nah, this ain’t some sappy Texas Chainsaw Massacre remix for ghoulish teens, this the real life Nevada Commission Honcho Bob Bennett stumbling on the job into a cruel bloody pool of his own doing.

Lightheavy contender and former champion, Badou Jack, was in tough against new kid on the block, Marcus Browne, when the tragedy occurred in the 7th round, compounded when the ring doc, insert quack-quacks here; Albert Capanna, allowed the game Jack to fight on. With blood spurting everywhere on this international undercard to the Pacquiao/Broner fight, the needless carnage was beamed around the world for another horrific 6 rounds.


Referee Tony Weeks gave Jack a chance to retire with grace, but I gather neither he nor his corner would pull the plug, fighter retirement being routine in these situations to protect the fighters and boxing’s credibility. So, no one stood up for the health of Jack and that of boxing, least of all Honcho Bob Bennett, yet in this Vegas jurisdiction we can all recall bogus stoppages by the dozens based on tiny nicks or feather dusted punches. Perhaps a dyslexic function of this, the wealthiest and most corrupt commission in the world incapable of fairly officiating a boxing match when it counts the most?

No matter the splatter and gore, poor Browne managed to quell the natural disturbances to his own biologic system to literally gut out a decision.

Words may fail to give due justice to this gross negligence bordering on criminal, yet when the fighters are held to some of the highest, overbearing standards in the world as these officiating lucre siphoning hacks get free passes…well…only in boxing folks…

Mickey Garcia Picks A Bone With Adrien Broner


The fight is being marketed as 3 division champ Mikey Garcia, 36-0, 30 KO vs 4 division champ Adrien Broner, 33-2, 24 KO this Saturday, July 29 @ Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York.

The fight should be a good one because, whatever his numerous flaws, Broner at least comes to fight unlike many other high profile American divas in boxing today. Garcia is a highly disciplined ring technician extraordinaire, so ultimately, if you like slow, careful, progressive beatings, that’s what we’ll likely see the more the fight progresses, perhaps even a stoppage by Broner’s corner. I give Broner a 5% puncher’s chance, and that’s it.

*** On a side note, I don’t get how boxing suddenly allowed fighters to have these thick beards in the ring as Broner sports. It’s already bad enough with their atrocious ring entrances blaring trash misappropriated as music. Such coincides with an overall decline in American boxing.

A Broner fight pays decent and is a guaranteed workout. Mikey is well supported by his older brother,  Roberto Garcia, who gave Marcos Maidana a good gameplan to BTFO out of Broner a few years back. About Billions Broner flushing his career down the potty like he did with his money on video clips as the Broner Braindead Trust pulled another boner in their opponent selection…OUCH!

FUN before the fight

FUN before the fight



Keith Thurman Unfettered vs Shawn Porter

Al Haymon has ostensibly freed Keith Thurman from his fetters for his first ever serious fight against Shawn Porter, Saturday, June 25th at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. The weak WBA welter title will be on the line as Thurman, 26-0, 22 KO, also defends his perfect record against that of Porter, 26-1-1, 16 KO.

The talented Thurman has certainly faced decent opposition of sorts, but they’ve all been in the class “B” type fighters he was expected to beat, not a prime top contender and former champion like Porter. Of course this being an Al Haymon fight, the very well spoken but somewhat bland personality Porter will be the underdog as Haymon looks to replace the undefeated TUE, 49-0, with the telegenic, Thurman who could certainly use a publicity boost after being on the shelf all these years.

Tale of the Tape

Tale of the Tape

In Porter’s last fight against another Haymon darling, Adrien Broner, the catchweight drained Porter heavily pressured Broner who unaccountably changed his style from his standard face first defense to a flapping, running chicken that resulted in a terribly dreary fight. Broner suddenly turned the tables in the opening seconds of the last round for a flash knockdown over a surprised Porter, but the decision turned out to be a rare gem in boxing these days by going to the infinitely more deserving Porter. I expect Thurman to also utilize an excessively cautious style as he looks to set up a far bigger punch than Broner could ever dream of, but can he land it when he needs it?

Big Problem for Thurman: He suffered injuries from an unusual single vehicle accident in whatever the latest blingmobile he was driving that set back this fight 3 months. The forces involved in the collision set off his air bags that TKOed him by whiplashing his neck and spine. After a couple of months of therapy, he resumed sparring and reportedly progressed well, so we shall see how well he’s recovered soon enough.

Both are in their primes with Thurman being faster, Porter being stronger. Hard to know how such a competitive matchup might turn out other than as previously mentioned, Thurman is the undeniable choice of the Haymon who runs his end of boxing somewhat like the UFC, each existing as their own league though Haymon has yet to create his own belts as the UFC has done. Such is how it currently goes in his little fiefdom of boxing, so good luck to Porter who will need a whole lot of it coupled to a good game plan if he plans on winning this fight.

Zombie vs Human

Zombie vs Human


No Fool Like April Fool Broner vs Ashley Theopane

In yet another one of boxing’s stranger than fiction assinine alignments, the supposed WBA Jr Welter Superchampion, Adrien Broner, defends against the unlikely British non contender, Ashley Theophane, at the DC Armory, Washington, District of Columbia this Friday, appropriately on April Fools day.

Theophane, 36-9-1, 9 KO,  is, of course, unranked by Ring, so referencing Boxrec which ranks every active fighter, we find that he’s ranked 47th in his division as of this publication. So why o why was this bout ever made? Easy, Broner has been looking so shaky for so long that his value has dropped. Enter the Theophane promoter who made this fight happen,  TUE Mayweather, who has created an ongoing feud to be carried out in youtube rants and tweets that Broner assists in. How convenient, a high profile boxing family feud of thugs with an easy pushover to play tug of war with for the show. One could almost believe TUE is planning his easy money comeback against the hapless Broner, himself another easy pushover these days.

Even more convenient was the felonious assault and aggravated robbery and civil suit filed in Cincinnati by a fellow Cincy miscreant accusing Broner of using a gun backed by 8 goons to split his noggin open and steal $14,000 back in January. You’d think Broner would have been arrested and arraigned by now, but nope, this dope appears inviolable for now, supposedly “training” his larded rear off in the safe haven at the seat of the US Government, Washington DC. Such is what passes as law enforcement these days. One supposes if indeed he is allowed to fight, he’ll use his purse to pay off all the interested parties. Whatever works to get him back in the public eye and a quick payday.

If I was the light hitting Theophane, I’d target that open fish mouth style he uses to break his jaw. I’m surprised nobody yet has really targeted this major flaw save Marcos Rene Maidana. Poor guy can’t even shut his mouth in the ring he’s so challenged and now also looks to be at least 20 lbs over the weight limit just two days away.

This “All About Billions” promotion is looking for billions one step at a time. Gotta admit, at least Broner was smart enough to have a gun and 8 guys backing him up to kick off their one strong arm $14K robbery at a time business model. Can’t beat the bowling alley venue either, pure p4p clown. Might take a while to secure the billions, but who in this outfit could ever count that high anyway?

Refugees from the Bearded House of David baseball club?

Refugees from the Bearded House of David baseball club?

Another Boner for Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev

Adrien Broner looks to have pulled yet another boner by “attempting” to fight Khabib Allakhverdiev for the vacant 140lb WBA title somewhere in Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, October 3rd. Nobody has let on where they will fight yet as befits his diminished profile in boxing. His omnipresent sugardaddy Al Haymon has leveraged his influence to secure Broner yet another undeserved title shot after stinking up the Ring against Shawn Porter in spite of Porter being weakened by a catchweight of 144 lbs.

Meanwhile, the winner, Porter, sits idly on the shelf being ignored by top fighters and their promoters if you want a clue on how stuff works in boxing these days against the interests of some of their best fighters. I’ve never seen such an inept P4Per as Broner was touted by the Haymon/Gimpy/Golden Boy News of the Ring World only a couple years back. That sure didn’t last long as he continues to be exposed at the higher levels as not having a punch, he can’t box, he can’t really fight, and probably can’t dance, but like he stated to Larry Merchant earlier in career during an interview, “Larry, when they sign to fight Adrien Broner, I’m like dog doo-doo on their shoe. They can’t get me off them.” It’s telling that thus far the boxing public has been unable to get Broner off their shoes either.

Here’s Broner pulling a boner on anti-social media websites as he’s been doing in the ring with his career.

Broner Pulling a Boner

Broner Pulling a Boner

Kahbib may not register as a name with the general public, but this is another in a long line of very tough Russians these days who can fight as he proved in pounding the undefeated zero off Joan Guzman, a far more accomplished fighter than poor Broner. Don’t think Kahbib is signed with Haymon, but if not, it is a virtual certainty that he won’t get a decision over Broner unless he pounds him from from stem to stern and pillar to post with a few knockdowns thrown in like Maidana did. Kahbib does have the advantage of the better trainer here in John David Jackson which should help his cause immensely with the Haymon appointed ref in Broner’s hometown.



Kahbib recently lost a tight decision to Top Rank’s latest darling, Jesse Vargas, so he knows what he has to do here by staying patient and not getting frustrated as the ref pulls him off Broner anytime Kahbib is getting through. Just steadily hunt down to pound away and let the chips land where they may.

Sad that boxing these days has come down more to insider politics than actually fighting, but such are the historical cycles as this poorly managed sport is mostly circling the drain of ignominy with the general public these days thanks to boxing’s reprehensible monkey shines, ie; The Dud TUE 49-0 Mexican Holiday September non-event. At this point in time, boxing could be banned tomorrow and nobody but the fractional remains of 1% would care.

Shawn Porter Sez~First Bone & Now Broner

Shawn Porter is playing with fire by boiling down to 144 lbs in a catchweight fracas with boxing’s most reprobate potty flusher, Adrien Broner, but maybe it’s Broner playing with fire by following in the footsteps of Porter’s 5th round knockout of Erick Bone a few months back . Even with the the catchweight advantage, Broner may have pulled another boner here as he’s one of the easiest fighters to hit, his defense on par to James Kirkland, but without Kirkland’s massive power and stamina.

Shawn Sez He's Showtime

Shawn Sez He’s Showtime

Such hoops fighters jump through just to make more money, but Porter best be at his starving best because the ref will be pulling him off Broner all night like they did to Maidana. The good news is that blocky Porter, who turned pro as a supermiddle as he slowly worked his way down to welter over the years, actually did make 144 lbs in 2011 with no apparent problems. Beating up Broner may be easy, but fighters seldom get credit for it because he’s got the hottest sugardaddy goin’ for him, Al Haymon, who looks to Broner as the #1 Floyd Mayweather future replacement. Broner will be needing the coddling catchweight confines of MGM Floyd in Las Vegas to secure the dirty deed against all boxing fairness, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry.

Thus to enter Showtime Shawn Porter, the quiet type who lets his fists do all the talking, so let Broner flush his money all he wants whilst he’s still flush with his crazy cash.


Marcos Maidana Tracks Down Adrian Broner

Looks like Marcos Maidana gets another shot at redemption against Adrien Broner at the Alamodome in San Antonio December 14th. Maidana has actually done quite well for himself after his torpid debut at welterweight against Devon Alexander last year. He is really a small framed junior welter, but he takes his orders from Golden Boy who wanted him in a more glamorous division where they needed quality name opponents, opponent being the operative word here. Maidana has been used in the non starring role against heavily hyped Golden Boy “stars.”

The Golden Boy promoted Maidana got off on the wrong track with  when he knocked out their Oscar de la Hoya heir apparent Victor Ortiz in a spectacular encounter. It didn’t help that competing manager contract disputes over his services soon combined with a terrible traffic tragedy in Argentina that made his services in the US problematic for a spell. He was then poorly served by unsporting officiating in the big name Amir Khan and Eric Morales debacles, yet onward he punched with a current 84% KO average, one of the highest in boxing in support of his 34-3 record.

Tubs & Lean

Tubs & Lean

Adrian Broner has been the heavily hyped Al Hayman fresh flash posterboy, yet now looking quite corpulent around his corpus, seemingly so “flush” as to “dump” $20 dollar bills during his potty sessions if his inflated ego video productions offer up any proof. After being touted as the next Floyd Mayweather Jr by the Hayman/Golden Boy combine, he’s been matched against an assortment of carefully selected featherweights, dwarfs, and feather dusters who have actually done quite well against his plodding defenseless version of the Floyd Mayweather shoulder roll. Now he goes against a true  slugger in Marcos Maidana who has knocked out the bigger, stronger, more talented Victor Ortiz and the tougher Josesito Lopez.

While only 24 years and still developing, Broner is still officially unblemished at 27-0, 22 KO, 81% knockout ratio. Most of those fights were at 130 or 135 divisions before completely jumping over the 140 division, now in his 2nd fight at 147. Likely he’ll never make 140 and why should have have to if the bigger money is in 147?

Yet ridiculously the Gimpy Ring ratings continue to rank him at both welter and lightweight and P4P, a total failure of logic other than being a rubber stamp for the Hayman/Golden Boy paymasters who have taken over the spare bones and mangy hide of what used to be a proud magazine in the days of Nat Fleischer.

Fortunately for Broner, Maidana is no Fancy Dan in the boxing department though he can box some when he has a mind to. Unfortunately for Broner the Maidana power is proven at higher weights. Broner has shown poor defense in his career, probably due to being in against little guys with little demonstrable power at those lighter weights. Hard to say if he can improve his defense, but on any fair playing field, Maidana must be salivating at the thought of an easy to hit plod forward style, a perfect stylistic match up for him, but that may be illusory.

The reason being that Maidana is seemly yet again “the opponent” if recent form of Hayman/Golden Boy fights follows script. They continue to prop up Broner and Amir Khan as stars for example against all evidence of their limitations with the hope they can maybe make a decent PPV with Floyd Mayweather Jr who doesn’t have any credible Golden Boy fighters left to dance with. No problem, this combine will manufacture cardboard cutouts for Mayweather to “fight.” 

Golden Boy has actually had some really great fights over the past few years, like James’ Kirkman against Carlos Molina and Angulo for example, but poor Kirkman can’t seem to stay out of trouble and jail. He’s recently been released from captivity, signed with his new 50 cent manager, and rushed on a ‘Top Rank card this weekend in Madison Square Garden, so strike him as savior for Hayman/Golden Boy when Mayweather retires. Keith Thurman has discipline and potential, but he’s been way underpromoted for whatever reason. Meanwhile the GB Argentinians, Matthyse and Maidana, they’re poor boys from a poor country, so they’re willing to brave the ring officials stacked against them, yet against the odds they somehow managed to make some the best fights in boxing.  And you wonder why they claim boxing is dying when the best, most exciting fan friendly fighters willing to fight anytime, anywhere get the short straw in what should be their biggest opportunities.

Perhaps there’s some hope in that the fight is in San Antonio which has a rich boxing tradition. San Antonio is where Manny Pacquiao burst into the spotlight in his demolition of P4P great Marcos Antonio Barrera not that many moons ago, but another era in the flash primes of typical fighters. The dubious Laurence Cole is the likely assigned ref, a dissertation of all his ring transgressions being the perfect submission for the ambitious business or a law grad. I should note his near flawless handling of his last fight I witnessed, the Alvarez vs Trout highly technical boxing match. He only made one mistake when he broke them up in the first round while they were in an exchange. He immediately recognized his error before laying back to enjoy one of the cleaner boxing exhibitions this year, so maybe there’s some hope for this fight since it could be a great slugfest if there is no interference..

We’ll be watching.

Big Mouths Mauling~~Adrian Broner vs Paulie Malignaggi

Boxing‘s newest wunderkind and jail’s latest bait Adrian Broner steps up 2 divisions to welterweight to challenge WBA champ Paulie Maliganaggi. The “bout” is today, June 22nd at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Big Broner vs Tyny Rees

Big Broner vs Tyny Rees

It was no surprise when Broner was arrested down Miami way not long ago for biting another man during a fracas outside a hotel. He seems hell bent on duplicating the style and the life of his mentor Floyd Mayweather Jr by way of flushing money down toilet videos to the accumulating rap sheet. Arrangements were quickly made and he was released on bond to be whisked straightaway into a training camp where his minders kept him on the short leash with no muzzle until ready to be released in the ring today.

As mouthy fighters go, these gentlemen are among the mouthiest with mouth flapping apparatuses in a freeflowing spewage of raw uncut sewage, not that many of us could ever bother listening, but that’s what the cacophony of headlines screamed in the leadup.

Broner will likely be the much bigger guy come fight night after rehydration. His team carefully selected the nominal WBA welter titlist Malignaggi as the smallest, weakest link in the Golden Boy stable of available fighters as the least risk to his division climbing ambitions. As with Mayweather, Broner previously had his JC Castillo moment of being beat up when former banty and featherweight champ Daniel Ponce De Leon more noted for his slugging prowess easily gave Broner a thorough boxing lesson, but was just too small to really do more than sting him at will. It takes a knockout to derail a touted Hayman/Golden Boy fighter, something Malignaggi is not likely to deliver.

For the big knockout, go to the supporting undercard where Al Hayman touted heavyweight Seth Mitchell hopes not to replicate his snake eyes exit against Klitschko promoted Johnathon Banks in their rematch. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Paulie Malignaggi is not only a weak champion, but something of an underachiever, best known for the game losing scrap he gave Miguel Cotto when both were undefeated in full pomp at the start of their primes. Since then he’s been more of a poser than fighter, a preener rather than a boxer, though former lightweight champ Juan Diaz had the pressuring style to put him in an entertaining pair of fights that they split. He did seize opportunity to beat the aging undefeated Vyacheslav Senchenko on a stupendous cut that ended his KO drought, but then lucky to scrap himself off the canvas to secure a hometown split in his first defense against Pablo Cesar Cano.

Of the few fights I’ve seen Broner in, he’s been a plodder, easy to hit in his Mayweather shoulder roll defense, but he has the power to overcome light swatters who stand in front of him like DeMarco and Rees did most recently. Malignaggi can stick and move pretty all night to make this fight tough unless his marching orders from Hayman/Golden Boy News of the Ring World are to stand and trade. Broner told Larry Merchant that he’s like dog doodoo on his opponent’s shoe once they sign the contract to face him, perhaps the most apt descriptor of his touted career progress thus far.

Black and Blue....yeah, right....

Black and Blue….yeah, right….

Could be modestly entertaining or more likely deadly dull, but never destined to be a great fight after The Problem leapt over the strongest division in boxing, the junior welts, to have an easier go at Paulie. It is what it is, a soundtrack of profaned and befouled sound and fury to promote a weak era in boxing where promoters rely on gimmicks after having done nothing to redevelop boxing into the spectacle sport it used to be.