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No Fool Like April Fool Broner vs Ashley Theopane

In yet another one of boxing’s stranger than fiction assinine alignments, the supposed WBA Jr Welter Superchampion, Adrien Broner, defends against the unlikely British non contender, Ashley Theophane, at the DC Armory, Washington, District of Columbia this Friday, appropriately on April Fools day.

Theophane, 36-9-1, 9 KO,  is, of course, unranked by Ring, so referencing Boxrec which ranks every active fighter, we find that he’s ranked 47th in his division as of this publication. So why o why was this bout ever made? Easy, Broner has been looking so shaky for so long that his value has dropped. Enter the Theophane promoter who made this fight happen,  TUE Mayweather, who has created an ongoing feud to be carried out in youtube rants and tweets that Broner assists in. How convenient, a high profile boxing family feud of thugs with an easy pushover to play tug of war with for the show. One could almost believe TUE is planning his easy money comeback against the hapless Broner, himself another easy pushover these days.

Even more convenient was the felonious assault and aggravated robbery and civil suit filed in Cincinnati by a fellow Cincy miscreant accusing Broner of using a gun backed by 8 goons to split his noggin open and steal $14,000 back in January. You’d think Broner would have been arrested and arraigned by now, but nope, this dope appears inviolable for now, supposedly “training” his larded rear off in the safe haven at the seat of the US Government, Washington DC. Such is what passes as law enforcement these days. One supposes if indeed he is allowed to fight, he’ll use his purse to pay off all the interested parties. Whatever works to get him back in the public eye and a quick payday.

If I was the light hitting Theophane, I’d target that open fish mouth style he uses to break his jaw. I’m surprised nobody yet has really targeted this major flaw save Marcos Rene Maidana. Poor guy can’t even shut his mouth in the ring he’s so challenged and now also looks to be at least 20 lbs over the weight limit just two days away.

This “All About Billions” promotion is looking for billions one step at a time. Gotta admit, at least Broner was smart enough to have a gun and 8 guys backing him up to kick off their one strong arm $14K robbery at a time business model. Can’t beat the bowling alley venue either, pure p4p clown. Might take a while to secure the billions, but who in this outfit could ever count that high anyway?

Refugees from the Bearded House of David baseball club?

Refugees from the Bearded House of David baseball club?